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9 Features Of The Best Properties Of High-End Property Developers

With the ever-booming demand for premium projects, there’s one thing for sure – high-end property developers are doing well. Their best projects are currently dominating the market – setting the tone for what ‘ideal home living’ should look and feel like. More so with renewed vigor after the pandemic, which has incidentally been good for the real estate market as more and more people look for a permanent home.

If you’re on the hunt too currently and want to level up the way you live, you should take a gander at high-end properties. Especially the features they offer. You might find them to be unparalleled.

1. Superior quality of construction

From the ground up, high-end property developers pay extra attention to the quality of the materials they use while constructing the best of their projects. Every raw material – from the cement to the bricks and beyond is chosen carefully to lay a strong foundation. Most of these projects are also built to be eco-friendly and incorporate conscious processes such as solar-powered energy, water treatment plants, etc. so you can reduce your carbon footprint and lead a healthier lifestyle.

2. Larger square footage per apartment

Think of all the fancy homes you’ve been to, or celebrity homes you’ve checked out on YouTube time and again.

What do you think they have in common?

Extra space!

There’s always just so much space to walk around, lounge, or just be however you want to be. It feels like that home is a mini world of its own where you can rule your way without a care in the world. That’s exactly what you get from the leading properties of luxury real estate marketing firms. From high ceilings to more leg space per room, such properties give you the chance to live life king-size.

3. Smart tech homes

There was a time when voice-activated homes felt like the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies. Almost unreal. But fast-forward to now and smart homes seem to be slowly taking over the world. More so when it comes to luxury homes. These days, you’ll find all of them to be automated, with this factor serving as a big differentiator between homes from mid-size builders and those from luxury builders.

Besides smart lights, blinds, and doorbells, you’ll find energy-efficient appliances, smart bathrooms, and other cutting-edge technology within the four walls of such a house as well.

4. Luxurious amenities

A defining factor of the best, most desirable residential properties in the market is the amenities they offer. And not it’s just the basics that you get here. Think first-class amenities, such as a jacuzzi, infinity pool, fully-equipped pro-level gyms, clubhouses, tennis courts, lush gardens and so much more. The basic principle is that every amenity here will be offered to you so you too can experience an exclusive lifestyle.

5. Innovative designs

It’s not just excellent quality raw materials that form the foundation of the best projects of luxury developers. Excellent planning and innovative designs play just as crucial a role. Leading architects are hired to ensure that the complex features a standout design – one that instantly catches while adding both values as well as aesthetic appeal. That’s not all. Landscapers are also hired to create beautiful gardens and add greenery in open spaces, making for a home that looks straight out of a magazine.

6. Marble flooring

There’s something about marble that exudes luxury, right? Not only do they look very sophisticated, but in a hot country like India, they also keep the surface cool so you can stay comfy.

There’s more. Experts of the best real estate companies in Kolkata intentionally use white or light-colored marble to give a feeling of openness as well as increase the value of the property in question. Marble flooring also increases the lifespan of the property while providing maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional polishing can keep them as good as new.

7. Private terraces

A feature made for the crème de la crème houses, private terraces are now one of the must-have features of premium properties. Landscaped and occasionally featuring a pool, these are great crowd-pullers. What’s more, they give you the extra space to host house parties and events while improving your daily life in multiple ways. For example, you can use this as a private yoga spot. Or if you have kids, this can serve as a great play area. It’s easy to see how luxurious private terraces can be.

8. State-of-the-art kitchens

A less talked about feature though an important one is the state-of-the-art kitchens. You’ll find premium properties fitted with huge modular, island kitchens that have an adjoining and capacious dining space.

The whole idea is to elevate the way you spend time in your kitchen by giving you more space and the latest smart appliances. Plus, the close access to a spacious dining hall allows you to enjoy your meals in pure luxurious comfort. You can even use the space to host elaborate dinners!

9. Stunning views all around

Last on the list of the features of the best properties of high-end property developers is exceptional views. This is one of the most sought-after features of such properties. Usually, builders make it a point to develop their most premium projects in beautiful localities – preferably those that overlook a scenic background such as a river, lake, garden, hills, and the like. Uninterrupted, gorgeous views add to the grandeur as well as the price and the demand of the place, making buyers vie for them with gusto.

Truth be told, high-end property developers excel in crafting a desirable and luxurious lifestyle that anyone would want to have, and those that don’t have it will be envious of it. If that’s the kind of lifestyle you want to live, it’s worth picking out a home that offers all of the above features. As that’s when you’ll truly know you’re living in a premium home.

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