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A Best Guide To Properly Address QuickBooks Error 12029

QuickBooks Error 12029 is irritating for anyone who is a QB user since the error is caused by the download of QuickBooks as well as payroll update. Updates are necessary for every software and occur regularly. However, it’s true that QuickBooks could encounter numerous errors when updating the program. The process of updating requires QuickBooks to download external files that are then validated by Windows operating systems. This verification is necessary due to security issues. This can cause several errors, including this one, in the event that the settings aren’t optimized for the needs of QuickBooks. To fix this issue thoroughly, take the time to read this article in depth.

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Causes Of QuickBooks Cannot Connect Error 12029


This error can be caused by a variety of causes. It is essential to quickly identify the root of the error. Finding out the reason behind the error can help you get this error fixed quickly. Then, you can go through the following points below:


  • Your internet connection may be down or has been disconnected.
  • SSL certificate is not valid or expired.
  • You’ve selected a different browser to replace Internet Explorer as your default browser.
  • Third-party security software and Windows Firewall has blocked the downloading of the update file.


Based on the explanations and the reasons given, you are now able to try the solutions discussed in the following sections.

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Solutions For Payroll Update Error In QuickBooks Error 12029


To fix this issue quickly There are a variety of options to try. But, it is important to make sure you only try the actions that address the root cause of the error. There’s no universal solution for fixing this issue or other errors. The solution is based on the reason for the error. Once you have identified the cause it is now time to test the various methods described below.


Solution 1: Check Internet Connectivity


It is possible to check your network’s connectivity to fix this issue once and all. Take the steps listed below:


  • Open Internet Explorer. Now, you can access any secure web page, such as Google.
  • If you are able to access the website.
  • If you encounter an error, make sure you check your internet connection for problems with your configuration.
  • The date and the time in your system must be correct.
  • Open Internet Explorer. Then, click Tools and select Internet Options.
  • Under the Advanced tab, select Reset/Restore defaults.
  • Click Apply, then click OK.
  • Then, you can run the update for QuickBooks and payroll , and then check the state of affairs.

If you’re still experiencing this error, attempt the method that is listed below.


Solution 2: Exclude QuickBooks From Firewall Settings


You can remove QuickBooks in Firewall settings to get rid of this issue effectively. Follow the steps below to fix QuickBooks Error 12029


  • Click the Start button, and enter Windows Firewall. This option is available within the Search Programs And Files.
  • Select Windows Firewall in the list of applications.
  • Within the Advanced settings, right-click the Inbound Rules and click on New Rule.
  • Click on Next in Programs. Choose This Program Path.
  • Select QuickBooks File Location, then click Next.
  • Choose Allow The Connection and then click Next.
  • Check all checkboxes, then click Next.
  • It is possible to type an appropriate name for this rule, and then click Finish.
  • Repeat the same process to create out the Outbound Rules.
  • Select Outbound instead of Inbound this time.

You may try following the same set of procedures in the event that these steps don’t fix the issue.

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Solution 3: Update Internet Connection Settings


It is possible to update your Internet connection settings to solve this issue easily. Learn more about the methods below:


  • Open Internet Explorer. Choose Tools in the Internet Options.
  • On the General tab, click on Delete and select temporary Internet Files. Then, click Delete again.
  • On the Connections tab, select LAN Settings, and make sure to see if the checkbox Automatically Detect Settings is an option to tick.
  • Make sure that the Proxy Servers remain not blank. Click on OK.
  • Click on the Advanced tab, and make sure the ticks for SSL 2.0 as well as SSL 3.0 are checked.
  • Scroll down to confirm the fact that TLS 1.2 was ticked. TLS 1.0 as well as TLS 1.1 checkboxes must remain empty.




QuickBooks Error 12029 can be a straightforward fix using the explanations provided within this post. You can attempt all the solutions described in the article. It is recommended to take action according to the reason behind your error. By doing this, you will be able to solve your issue quickly and without any further issues. Therefore, make sure you study the reasons for the error thoroughly.

If you require assistance from an outside source or technical guidance You can get in touch with the experienced team at QuickBooks +1-888-704-1357.

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