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A List Of The Top International Schools In Ahmedabad

School is the doorway to a promising life for a child, which is why parents often get confused while making this decision. Naturally, they wish to provide quality education to their child and give them a nurturing environment. However, it is only possible if their school selection is apt. This decision becomes further challenging when you see countless options for the best Ahmedabad international school. Each school sounds promising, you would have to narrow your choices to the one option that feels most suited.

While making this challenging decision, some parents filter the options based on curriculum, while others consider the CBSE school fees as a deciding factor. If you are also sailing in the same boat, and looking for the most suitable schools, brace yourself for thorough research and analysis. However, we have listed the top international school options in Ahmedabad to save you from the daunting research. You would only have to check these options and skip every other name you see in the market.

List Of Top International Schools In Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School

GIIS is a renowned school in Ahmedabad offering the CBSE curriculum. They hold international recognition because of their presence in multiple cities around the globe and the curriculum plan that gets recognised worldwide. The best part about the school is its highly qualified and encouraging faculty who push students to try their hands at various academic and extracurricular activities. Children can join different clubs and societies in the school to be with like-minded people and enjoy better exposure to the outside world.

GEMS Genesis International School

GEMS Genesis is a popular choice among parents looking for a school with nominal CBSE school fees. You can expect a nurturing and positive school environment for your child, where he learns, explores, and moves toward a shining future. The school is well-equipped with all the infrastructural amenities to make the educational journey smooth and easy for every child. Moreover, they will learn through the latest techniques and tools, which help to prepare your child for the international competition.

Ahmedabad International School

Another school that is the best option for children is Ahmedabad international school. The school holds excellent academic records, with its students performing better year after year. Not only in academics, the school also provides all the essential facilities for sports, fine arts, and other activities to try to grow up as intelligent and intellectually strong individuals. Once you enrol your child in the Ahmedabad international school, you wouldn’t have to worry about their future.

DAV International School

DAV is a popular name in the education industry, and every parent looking for a CBSE school keeps it on the priority list. Their teaching methodologies are updated and framed, keeping the current competition in mind. Children learn through various activities that they perform to understand multiple concepts. Another advantage of the DAV school is that you can find a branch in different cities across the globe. It is a perk for parents who often travel to various locations due to work commitments.

Podar International School

Are you looking for a school with an internationally recognised curriculum option, state-of-the-art amenities, and the latest teaching methodologies? Podar international has got your back. The school follows the CBSE curriculum pattern and appoints only qualified professionals as their teaching and non-teaching faculty. Their excellence is evident from the performance their students give year after year.

These are the most fruitful and promising options in schools that you can choose in Ahmedabad. We have done all the research to narrow the list to these names. You only have to analyse these options based on your child’s requirements and enrol him in the right school. Then, if your choices are apt, you can sit back and relax with the assurance that your child’s future is safe.

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