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Big Data Software to Assist You in Site Selection

Big Data Software to Assist You in Site Selection

Big Data Software to Assist You in Site Selection

When you’re in the business of data collection and processing, you need big data software to help you choose the best site to host your data. There is a wide range of options available, but which one suits your needs?

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Forensic Toolkit

Forensic Toolkit is big data software that allows investigators to quickly and accurately establish case facts. It utilizes a distributed processing architecture, making full use of hardware resources. In addition, it indexes enterprise-scale data upfront, which makes it faster for emergency searches.

This toolkit is provided by AccessData, the developer of a solution that helps law enforcement and other agencies to investigate digital crimes. Users can opt to try out the free FTK Imager, which allows for the creation of disk images. They can also choose the paid version for a comprehensive array of forensic analysis tools.

Some of the features of this program include logical and physical acquisitions and file system support. Additionally, it offers a chain of custody that protects the integrity of the evidence.

The toolkit includes a PIPI feature, which allows for real-time collaboration between users. Additionally, it supports multiple protocols, including HTTP, IMAP, and MySQL.

The toolkit is available in both Windows and macOS versions. A registered Apple ID is required. You can also choose to register as an Apple Developer. However, if you’re not a legal professional, you can opt to use your regular Apple ID.

Forensic Toolkit includes evidence visualization reports that enable you to filter through and sort your findings. You can also export the output to CSV or plain text.

Forensic Toolkit offers a variety of mobile parsers. These allow you to investigate smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Also, it integrates Belkasoft and other bolsters for multi-dialect support.

The app’s graphical interface makes it easy to identify activity. It allows you to flag folders and files based on name and path. Other features include an automated data analysis facility.


Exabeam security operations platform helps organizations to detect and respond to threats in real-time. It combines advanced cloud-native technologies, a hyper-efficient search, and behavioral analytics to deliver a powerful suite of security management tools. This security information and event management (SIEM) platform enable security IT teams to work efficiently, intelligently, and automatically.

Built on top of ElasticSearch, Exabeam Data Lake provides unlimited scalability and easy-to-manage security data. The platform focuses on three methods of enrichment – user-host-IP mapping, domain reputation, and file reputation. Each method delivers powerful benefits to the platform and security teams.

Exabeam’s cloud-native architecture allows for the rapid provisioning of new security management applications. It also makes it easier to store, search, and analyze security data.

With a comprehensive set of pre-built correlations, Exabeam helps analysts focus on the right types of activities to detect attacks and other events. The Correlation Rule Builder feature allows users to write, test, and publish custom rules.

The Outcomes Navigator enables security teams to visualize and understand their security posture and continuously improve. The tool maps Exabeam SIEM feeds against common security use cases, recommending ways to better cover the network.

Exabeam Security Log Management automates threat detection and investigation. A multi-tenant security PaaS, it leverages advanced cloud-native technologies to eliminate engineering tasks and speed up results.

In addition to detecting attackers, the advanced analytics feature of Exabeam analyzes log files to identify suspicious activity. The service combines data from hundreds of sources into a single, easy-to-interpret graph, highlighting notable events chronologically and presenting risk information for each.

During Exabeam’s Spotlight22 conference, the company unveiled its Cloud-Native portfolio of products. These include a unique user and entity behavior analytics solution, a cloud-based Threat Intelligence Service, and a new-scale SIEM.

Hortonworks Data Platform

The Hortonworks Data Platform is a scalable, extensible, and tested big data software platform that enables enterprises to process large amounts of structured data faster. It is based on the Apache Hadoop open-source project.

The Hortonworks Data Platform combines the benefits of enterprise-grade distribution and the agility of container technology. This allows organizations to leverage the benefits of structured data without sacrificing the stability of their current data environment. In addition, it offers a set of metadata management capabilities. These features enable organizations to quickly and easily integrate with their existing data analysis tools.

HDP offers a range of options for on-premise and cloud deployments. It provides the flexibility and agility of a containerized application environment while reducing the cost of integrating data storage infrastructure.

A centralized, unified architecture helps simplify the monitoring and security setup of an Apache Hadoop cluster. Another benefit is the ability to configure high-availability components through a web interface.

Another important feature of the Hortonworks Data Platform is its ability to perform in-line processing. It can be configured to support multiple workloads, including batch, interactive and real-time analytics.

The platform also provides a wide range of access methods. For example, a user can monitor the performance of their business by tracking KPIs. Moreover, HDP can help users get a broader view of their business by integrating with a variety of cloud service providers.

The Hortonworks Data Platform provides the control structure and tooling needed to easily integrate and deploy applications on an Apache Hadoop cluster. Its enterprise-grade capabilities deliver a robust platform for data processing, analytics, and storage.

Its ability to handle data in a variety of formats and sources makes it a great option for a wide range of industries. Major customers include Bank of America, Hilton, Micron, and T-Mobile.

Apache Flink

Apache Flink is a big data software that offers fast, high-throughput, real-time data processing. It is a cluster computing framework that can be used for batch and stream processing.

In addition to streaming, it supports batch and iterative processing. The runtime has fault-tolerant capabilities, while its kernel provides ease of use. You can use the API in Java, Scala, or Python.

As a result of its success, the project has grown to include hundreds of contributors worldwide. In addition, it has been promoted to the top level of the Apache  Refox Bitmap Software Foundation, making it one of five major big data projects.

This big data software is built on Apache Spark, which is a popular open-source cluster computing framework. Apache Spark is designed to be more flexible and versatile than other big data tools. It was developed to address the limitations of MapReduce. And it has seen widespread adoption in the field of real-time analytics.

One of the biggest advantages of Apache Flink is its ability to handle Stream and Batch processing. The data streaming runtime provides a robust, high-performance runtime that enables high throughputs and fault-tolerant low-latency processing.

Stream processing is the process of processing rows of data in real time. By using Apache Flink’s DataSet API, you can create datasets from remote sources and apply different transformations to them.

While Apache Flink is a great tool for stream and batch processing, the library that it is based on also supports Machine Learning. Its Machine Learning library, called FlinkML, is designed to help users learn from big data.

Apache Flink is used by the online entertainment company, King. The company created a system that ingests and processes massive log data from network equipment. It is able to detect data failures within 60 seconds.

Azure Databricks

Microsoft Azure Databricks is a cloud-based big data solution that allows businesses to work with data more effectively. It features a simple user interface and provides advanced configuration capabilities. This means it can be used to automate and configure clusters and optimize the performance of the environment. Ultimately, it provides users with one platform for Big Data processing and machine learning.

The platform integrates with a number of other Azure services. This includes Azure Active Directory, Azure Storage, Azure Database, and Power BI. Moreover, it integrates with a variety of open-source libraries and tools. Some of these include TensorFlow, R, Python, Java, and Apache Spark.

Azure Databricks supports real-time collaboration and fast performance. Moreover, it can be deployed in a variety of Azure-based virtual networks, including customer VNETs. In addition, it has an auto-scaling feature.

Databricks also offers easy notebook version control. This means that companies can easily control who can access their clusters. And because it is designed to run on Azure, it has global availability.

Another useful feature is that it can store and query data stored in Azure Storage and data lakes. As a result, it can open up data lakes to engineers and analysts more easily.

Databricks also connects to a number of IDEs and business intelligence tools. For instance, it can be integrated with Site Selection Software. Furthermore, it supports SQL and a number of other languages.

Overall, the service has an excellent rating among users. While it can be beneficial for organizations, it may not be suitable for every business scenario. Therefore, it’s important to identify your needs before investing in it. You can consult Azure Databricks support to help you get started.

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