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Bitumen Waterproofing Strategies

Cellar walls are covered with bitumen and the reason assuming water sealing. At the point when you need to water verification your storm cellar walls you really want to apply hot bitumen covering on your walls since water can’t enter through bitumen and bitumen goes in the pores and close them. A similar methodology was utilized in one of the houses in DHA Lahore. It was a 2 Kanal house and three coatings of hot fluid bitumen were applied on the put surfaces of RCC holding walls. Bitumen applied was a combination of 80/100 and 10/20. These are the infiltration grades. In the wake of applying bitumen polyethylene sheets were additionally put on the walls. This entire strategy was caught and partaken in the accompanying video.

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Bitumen Layers or Geo Films or APA Layers are additionally utilized instead of hot fluid bitumen nowadays. Application strategy of Bitumen film is likewise displayed in the video. Aluminum foil can likewise be seen on the external surface of bitumen film. Butane light was utilized to dissolve the bitumen layer with the goal that it could adhere to the wall. Covered locales were shut bu applying pressure. Cost of the two strategies is additionally displayed in the video. There can be a few inquiries from your side go ahead and ask in remarks.

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