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Common pitfalls or mistakes that yoga studios can make


Opening a yoga Queenscliff studio is a learning process. People have started studios and closed them within three months of operation. Others have never had the privilege of setting up a studio. Here are some common miscalculations you can make when starting a new studio.

Choosing the wrong location

You can build a nice studio and equip it with everything, choose the best employees and coaches but no one will come if it is the wrong location. You can even choose a studio in an office building thinking that people will come for yoga after or before work. However, if you exclude everyone in the neighbourhood, your studio can easily fail. It is therefore important to establish your studio in a visible location with a holistic lifestyle vibe.

Underestimating your obstacles

You should think of your studio as a house of cards for the first three years. This simply means anything can bring your studio down. You can build a studio new a small tree but after a few years when the tree is grown, it discourages people from coming to your studio. When setting up a studio, you should consider every potential obstacle.

Investing too much in the studio’s construction

I have seen studios start by training outside in the open or at the beach and then move to a local hall. A studio is more of a culture and not a building. You can invest a lot of money and build an amazing studio, equip it with everything a studio can have but without the right culture, no one will come to your studio. The best way to invest in a studio is to hire the right staff and coaches. You should then build a business culture that that target audience can relate to. For example, if you are starting a yoga studio for the elderly, you should know that they might need more assistance than a studio for teenagers. The elderly might also be less interested in music compared to teenagers.

Investing too little in marketing

What is the point of having the best studio in your area that no one knows about? Getting the word out there about your studio should be paramount. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can market your studio cheaply. You can work with local influencers, and market your studio on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can even start a YouTube channel where you post some of your sessions to make people aware of your studio. Having a website where people can visit and see some of your work and even interact with you is also a great way of marketing your studio.

Not contributing to the community

Yoga Queenscliff is not just about you and your students. You should portray the idea that you are not just about making money but you also want to contribute positively to the community. Operating a studio is not easy but with the right attitude, you will enjoy it. Whether it is giving back through videos, and photos and encouraging people to live active lives, you should do something for the community.

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