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Difference Between A Funeral Home And A Crematorium

Before you plan an event, you have to choose if you will be working with a crematorium or a funeral home. Generally, funeral homes represent the traditional way of planning a funeral; however, the use of a crematorium is often either a result of financial strains or the last wishes of the deceased. 

Today cremation is fast becoming known as more people prefer it compared to burial. But even with this popularity, Morrison and Son Funeral Home is still a viable option that offers numerous services you will not normally access in a crematorium. Funerals are not just expensive; they can also be difficult, especially if you are planning it while mourning.

This blog will help you understand the difference between a crematorium and a funeral home. This will help you select the most suitable one to work with. It will also help in alleviating stress and financial concerns. They include the following;


Generally, Morris Funerals Services is responsible for managing every arrangement for the funeral. Their services include;

  • Planning a memorial service as long as it sits well with the family
  • Providing a funeral director and staff that will help in coordinating the funeral
  • Offering guidance to family members in relation to finances, social security, and insurance claims
  • Writing obituaries for the deceased and arranging for clergy
  • Communicating with the crematory to keep a plot for the burial
  • Arranging the funeral props, including the flower, music, photography, and items for memorial
  • Arranging caskets for the burial.

Compared to Morrison and Son Funeral Home, the crematorium is for several services. They only offer services that relate to the cremation itself. These services include the following;

  • To provide an alternative vessel for keeping the body. While cuneal homes offer caskets, crematoriums offer numerous vessels used in reserving the ashes of the deceased. This can either be a plastic urn of inexpensive clay.
  • To return the ashes of the devices to a family when they need it.
  • To store the body until the day of cremation.

Although funeral homes also offer cremation services, this is usually carried out by a third party.

Grief counseling

It is often an overwhelming experience to lose a loved one; however, planning their funeral while grieving is quite challenging for all family members.

Morris Funerals Services ensure you do not experience this difficulty with the help of a funeral director. These professionals are responsible for coordinating funeral services. They are also trained to offer grief counseling to members of the family.

Crematoriums, on the other hand, do not offer funeral directors, although you will be lucky to reside in a state that requires them. This is because most crematoriums are direct and prefer to focus only on matters that relate to cremating the body of the deceased and returning the ashes. It will not be common to find a crematorium that offers services akin to grief counseling, especially since these services are not as specialized as you will find in a funeral home.


If you are working directly with a crematorium in relation to costs, you will skip the viewings, memorial services, visitation, embalming services, arranging a clergy, arranging for flowers, setting funeral props, and finding a plot for a cemetery. All of this will make it a relatively cheap option, especially if the family does not want to engage in a traditional funeral procession.

However, there is an additional cost you may need to consider like;

  • The cost of a combustible container for the body.
  • Amount needed to complete the death certificate
  • Additional costs are involved in allowing family and friends to witness the cremation.

On the other, Morrison and Son Funeral Home offer more services compared to a crematorium. If you decide to go to a full traditional funeral service, you should expect a higher cost compared to when you work with a crematorium. Thankfully, funeral homes offer customized services which makes it easy for clients to choose the type of services they want. It also allows them to bring down the costs to an affordable amount.


Having to choose between a funeral home or a crematorium for your loved one depends on the cost that is involved, the wishes of family members, and the wishes of the deceased. The goal is to allow friends and family members to remember the deceased and bid them farewell.

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