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Digital Detox – Here’s why you should leave your gadgets at home & visit outdoor parks in Dubai

Technology makes our lives extremely comfortable. On the other hand, it’s also the major cause of tremendous sensory overload in our system that causes issues in situations such as difficulty focusing, restlessness, extreme anger, and chronic anxiety.

Digital detox is an incredible way to unplug from the tech world and get reconnect with the real world. It is a period in which you keep yourself away from using tech gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops to enhance your interaction with real life.

In Dubai, there can be extraordinary options for outdoor team-building activities for employees, set amidst the magnificence of nature, designed to stimulate mental health, physical strength, harmony, and creativity. These may incorporate notable adventurous activities, such as experiencing the largest zipline in Dubai, Flyboarding, Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon, swimming among the sharks, Parasailing, riding on dunes, and taking amusement from a 4×4 desert safari.

Practicing digital detox has considerable benefits, including increased productivity, reduced stress, and a longer attention span. Here’s why you should leave your gadgets at home & how you can plan a digital vacation:

Reduced Stress

Specialists claim that when your brain learns to be okay with not engaging compulsively with something as captivating as a smartphone, you’ll begin experiencing a substantial reduction in your stress levels.

When you bring digital detox into your practice, your brain becomes familiar with you not engaging with your gadgets as frequently as before.

Less EMF Exposure

Research says that prolonged exposure to EMF from gadgets like cell phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi routers, smart meters, and electrical appliances can cause several health problems ranging from minor sleep disorders to chronic diseases like cancer.

You can’t reduce your EMF exposure to zero because doing that would mean giving up technology. What is possible is mitigating your EMF exposure down to a level where it’s safer for you to use and take benefit from technology.

Improved Sleep

Consistent exposure to low-frequency EMF results in significant changes in the amount of melatonin that your body releases. Melatonin is a hormone that supports your sleep.

Hundreds of scientific researches are based on prolonged EMF exposure to reduced sleep quality along with sleep disorders. Tech-use abstinence for some time results in a significant reduction in your EMF exposure, helping your body to adjust to the natural environment, which in turn boosts your sleep quality.

Less Blue Light Exposure

Exposing your eyes to blue light after sundown causes your body to think that it’s still daytime, which effects in an altered circadian rhythm and suppressed melatonin hormone production.

The LED screens in our phones, laptops, and tablets emit blue light, the same kind of light that the sun releases.

Practicing digital detox will support your circadian rhythm and adjust to the natural environment, helping sufficient melatonin production. As a result, you’ll get a restful sleep almost every single night.

Reduced Brain Engagement at Night

Going to bed reveals that you’re allowing your brain to relax and concentrate on background tasks like detoxification and healing. Using your gadgets in bed causes your brain to go back to a working state due to which it can’t perform its desirable functions.

Digital detox makes it simpler for you to quit your habit of using your gadgets in bed, which means less brain engagement and, of course, greater sleep quality. Checking your phone stimulates the brain, making us more active and awake. Even just a quick check can engage your brain and prolong sleep.

How to plan Digital Detox Vacation In Dubai

There are many places that offer digital detox retreats in which you go to a place with little to no digital tech availability and enjoy your time in nature. Some also allow visitors to celebrate birthday parties in Dubai

These places combine your stay with activities like meditation and yoga, through which you can detach from your fast-paced life for the length of your vacation. It’s something that you can explore, but you don’t necessarily have to use these services. The primary objective here is to make yourself offline for a while.

From attractions to sundowners, parks to camping, here are the best outdoor activities in Dubai causes make getting outside easy. The city is home to several wonderful things to do when the weather cools down; yes, as cooler breezes blow through the city, there are several outdoor activities in Dubai to keep you and your family entertained.

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