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ENHYPEN’s Birthdays Bash: Celebrating Each Member’s Special Day

introduction of enhypen

In 2020, a South Korean boy band called ENHYPEN was created through the “I-LAND” survival reality program. Belift Lab, a partnership between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment (formerly known as HYBE Corporation), is in charge of running the group. ENHYPEN, a skilled group consisting of seven members (Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki), officially debuted in November 2020 with the extended play (EP) “BORDER: DAY ONE.” A wide variety of genres, including elements of K-pop, hip-hop, and EDM, are present in their music. ENHYPEN rapidly became well-known throughout the world and acquired a devoted following known as “ENGINE.” Their distinct and engaging live performances keep them in the spotlight in the international music industry.

Members of enhypen

The seven gifted and varied members of ENHYPEN each provide special attributes to the group.


Heeseung is a prominent member of ENHYPEN, widely recognized for his remarkable vocal abilities and fascinating stage persona. He is frequently considered the group’s leader. Heeseung can provide both heartfelt ballads and high-energy shows because to her powerful and expressive voice. He is frequently regarded as the group’s lead vocalist and is essential to the cohesive sound of the ensemble. In addition to his vocal prowess, Heeseung is renowned for his capacity for leadership and maintaining the group’s coherence off the stage as well. His endearing demeanor and unwavering commitment to his art make him a cherished character among ENGINE, ENHYPEN’s fan base, and a vital element of the group’s triumph.


Jay, a well-known member of ENHYPEN, excels as the primary dancer and backup rapper for the group. His captivating stage persona and amazing dancing abilities give ENHYPEN’s performances a thrilling new depth. Every move Jay makes demonstrates his love of dance and music, and his rap rhymes give the group’s songs a dynamic vitality. His distinct fusion of rap and dance skills balances the group’s dynamic, and his captivating stage presence never fails to enthrall audiences. Jay’s extraordinary talents and unwavering commitment to his art are major factors in ENHYPEN’s success and its ability to reach a worldwide audience.


As the lead rapper, Jake, a crucial component of ENHYPEN, is renowned for his captivating and potent rap rhymes. His skill with words and his charisma on stage allowed him to contribute significantly to the group’s wide range of musical tastes. Jake’s rapping technique effectively contrasts the melodic components of ENHYPEN’s songs with depth and passion. Jake has developed a devoted fan base within ENGINE thanks to his infectious performances and keen sense of rhythm. He is essential to the group’s success in South Korea and on the global K-pop scene.


Being the primary dancer and backup vocalist for ENHYPEN, Sunghoon is a very talented and adaptable member of the group. His captivating dance routines and heartfelt singing style infuse ENHYPEN’s performances with depth and passion. Sunghoon is a highly talented dancer, and fans are in awe of his ability to switch between different dance styles with ease. His engaging stage presence and talent are demonstrated by his ability to portray a wide spectrum of emotions through his performances. Sunghoon has a dedicated fan base thanks to his blend of grace, charisma, and talent. He also plays a significant part in defining ENHYPEN’s distinct personality in the K-pop scene.


Sunoo, one of ENHYPEN’s bright and vivacious members, assumes the dual roles of lead dancer and backup vocalist. He infuses the group with a young and playful dynamic with his contagious enthusiasm and upbeat demeanor. Sunoo’s performances showcase his dance prowess and vocal range, which enhances the group’s melodious sound and compelling onstage presence. Fans have fallen in love with his charming charisma, and his endless energy makes the group and its devoted fan base, ENGINE, happy. With his boundless skill and upbeat demeanor, Sunoo is an essential part of ENHYPEN, helping the group to maintain its popularity in the K-pop industry.


The success of ENHYPEN is largely down to its leader, Jungwon. As the primary dancer and backup rapper, Jungwon adds a lively touch to the group’s performances. His flawless dancing technique and captivating rap rhymes are crucial to the sound and aesthetic of the ensemble. As the group’s leader, Jungwon is in charge of directing them and making sure they work together, and his innate leadership abilities come through in this capacity. His commitment to ENHYPEN’s success and his captivating onstage persona has cemented his place as a valued group member and a well-liked character within ENGINE, the band’s worldwide fan base. Jungwon’s dedication and passion are essential to the group’s ongoing success in the K-pop market.


The youngest member of ENHYPEN, Ni-ki, takes center stage as the primary dancer for the group. Known for his exceptional dance abilities, he never fails to enthrall audiences with his amazing performances. Ni-ki’s young charm only serves to enhance his allure, as his elegance, flexibility, and perfection on stage are nothing short of captivating. His talent and determination are nothing short of astounding, even at such a young age. With ENHYPEN, Ni-ki’s presence strikes the ideal balance between the group’s performances and highlights their diversity. Many have been impressed by his path from a young trainee to an essential member of ENHYPEN, and his contributions are crucial to the group’s success.

These seven individuals come together to form ENHYPEN, a vibrant ensemble that blends its members’ unique talents to create compelling music and performances that have attracted a devoted and passionate fan base all over the world.

Here are the birthdates of ENHYPEN members:


Heeseung – Birthdate: October 15, 2001


Jay – Birthdate: April 20, 2002

ENHYPEN members

Jake – Birthdate: November 15, 2002


Sunghoon – Birthdate: December 8, 2002


Sunoo – Birthdate: June 24, 2003


Jungwon – Birthdate: February 9, 2004


Ni-ki – Birthdate: December 9, 2005





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