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Essentials of maintaining a Bald Head

Although a bald head looks like the most simple hairstyle and easiest to maintain, it is not so. If you are a man donning a shaved head look, you must understand the different parameters that need to be considered to flaunt a completely shaved dome. Agreeably, a shaved head is a convenient and economical hairstyle that is trendy but requires some amount of effort to achieve a fashionably sound output.

While the styling of a shaved dome begins with the use of a quality Head Shaver, there are a few other products that can help to give the shaved head a stylish touch. Of late, shaving the head is trending among men and more so after the covid lockdown. What began as the most convenient and achievable hairstyle for men during the worldwide lockdown with no access to hairdressers or salons, had now found immense acceptance among men. Until now, head shaving was associated either with tonsure or religious shavings, shaving due to premature baldness, some medical treatments, etc. had now become a style statement.

The popularity and love for a shaved head have grown considerably and it could be explained by the market for men’s grooming tools flooding with the electric head shaver. Many grooming companies have begun introducing head shavers, recognizing the public demand for the same. However, when the grooming of a shaved or bald head is concerned certain essentials and requirements need to be attained to achieve a smooth and clean shaved head. Let’s check out the few grooming essentials that are a must for a shaved head hairstyle.

Preshave essentials:

When shaving is concerned both the pre and post-care regimes are equally essential. For a bald head look, it is important to shave almost regularly, else you can end up with a stubbled hair look. And for regular shaving, whether you are using an electric shaver or a traditional razor, it is of utmost importance to safeguard the skin of the head with some protection. The market-available natural pre-shave oils are one of the best solutions to prevent razor friction and the resultant harm to the skin. Using a branded pre-shave oil will ensure that the skin remains hydrated and does not directly face the wrath of the blades while cutting the hair.

Using a pre-shave oil before shaving can be beneficial to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, along with preventing razor burns, cuts and nicks, and also itchiness or infection. It is an affordable and efficient natural shaving solution.

Aftershave essentials:

As much as pre-shave oils are a requirement, so are after-shave lotions or serums. Using aftershave serums or oils can help in moisturizing the skin after a shaving activity and keep it hydrated. In addition, they are instrumental in closing the open pore to prevent dirt, bacteria or chemicals from getting in along with reducing the chances of itching or infection. Aftershave serums help in recovering from any skin damage during shaving and reduce swelling or breakouts after shaving the dome.

However, apart from the designated aftershave serums and lotions, there are a few other important products that need to be incorporated into the post-shaving regime. Moisturizers are a must for shaved heads, as dryness is the biggest problem of a shaved dome. In a shaved head, the skin remains exposed to the heat and the cold and dry winds that make the skin dry and scaly. Using moisturizers can help in moisturizing the skin and keep it hydrated.

Sunscreens are also an essential addition to the shaved head regime. The skin of the head remains exposed to direct sunlight without the protection of the hair and so using sunscreens with a significant amount of SPF can act as protection from the sun and prevent tanning and sunburns. It is important to use sunscreens whenever you are going out to keep your shaved dome protected from harsh sunlight and pollution.

Head Shavers:

Head Shaver is the most essential tool in maintaining a shaved head look. It is better to use a head shaver with rotary blades, as they are designed to move across the contours of the head and efficiently shave even the toughest areas. Traditional razors are somewhat risky for head shaving as they pose a threat of injury or razor burns, moreover, it is difficult to use a razor in the rear part of the head. Whereas a dedicated electric head shaver offers the liberty to shave across the dome without any hurdle or difficulty. It is designed specifically for head shaving and so is ergonomic to use and handle.

In short, head shavers are a game changer in the grooming industry. They allow a cost-effective solution to hair styling and are easy to use in the comfort of your home. You just need to be a bit conscious during the shaving endeavour and you are good to go.

Bottom Line

With these few grooming essentials, you can flaunt a healthy and attractive dome and can ace your fashion game. In addition, you can opt for a few styling tips like using a cap or a hat or trying out some beard and moustache styles or making some wardrobe changes, to create your style statement.

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