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Everything you need to know about a full-service marketing company


A full-service digital marketing agency is an agency that can handle all your advertising, marketing and promotional requirements across multiple platforms. It has a team of experts in various disciplines and can offer efficient solutions and comprehensive strategies as an integrated part of your team. A full-service marketing company can offer a variety of services such as SEO services, content marketing, lead generation, email marketing, paid adverts, and websites and landing pages.

Content marketing

This is a kind of marketing that demonstrates authority. It helps businesses establish themselves as industry leaders and this translates to credibility and trust. A well-planned content marketing strategy gets you noticed by your potential customers even before buyers are ready to connect with you.


Search engine optimisation employs various strategies to ensure your company, services and products generate predictable leads from search engine results. When you improve the ranking of your website in search engines, you make it easy for your customers to find you organically. It also improves your reputation, increases awareness and establishes you as an industry leader. Over 80% of people who use search engines are focused on organic search results. If you aren’t ranking high, you are missing a lot.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient and effective B2B lead generation techniques. Scaling your email marketing to achieve maximum performance combines data analysis and creativity. It can be risky to your reputation if your marketing agency doesn’t do it correctly.

Marketing automation

A full-service digital marketing company will deploy B2B marketing automation to streamline your lead generation strategies. Automation ensures you provide the right information to your prospects at the right time. More than half of your B2B customers will do research online before connecting with a salesman. It is crucial that you reach these prospects whilst they are still in the research, awareness and consideration phases of their purchasing journey. If you do not, your competitors will do so.

It is not easy because you have to stay at the center and in front of customers at every phase of their journey. Most customers can access digital channels for useful information in the late buying stages. Staying in touch in all the stages is very essential. That is what a full-service marketing company does.

Paid adverts

Your digital marketing agency will handle your paid adverts such as pay-per-click and leads from search engines. These advertisements work best when coupled with targeted landing pages and strong websites.

Landing pages and websites

Most people will visit your website when they want to research you. If you cannot say it is the best marketing you have then you need to work on your website. Your digital marketing company will design, optimise and test your website to optimise your site. This includes user experience, the overall aesthetic, available offers and so on. Your full-service digital marketing agency should also work on the speed of your website, especially for markets that depend on mobiles.

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