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Everything You Need To Know About Autumn Android Wallpapers

4 autumn wallpapers for your phone and tablet

Autumn Android often means changes – in the wardrobe, in the schedule of the day, in the way of spending free time. I thought it was also a good opportunity to change the phone and over the weekend I started designing a batch of new autumn wallpapers. Traditionally, four completely different options have been created – I hope that they will accompany you during autumn days and evenings.

As with previous views, I tried to stick to relative minimalism. Leaves indeed appeared in large numbers on two wallpapers, but I tried not to make them a background causing nystagmus, hence their modest and economical form. The leafy wallpapers were complemented by retro dots on a burgundy background (burgundy has been my favorite autumn color for some time) and wooden planks. This last wallpaper finally appeared on my screen – I love the atmosphere that wood creates wherever it goes. I hope you like them, I’m waiting for your favorites in the comments!

I will be very pleased if you share photos presenting my wallpapers on the screens of your phones – in the comments or on Instagram. In the case of the latter option, remember about the #onelittlesmile tag – it allows me to find photos related to the blog.

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Please remember that I provide wallpapers for a specific purpose – to be displayed on mobile devices. Publishing them anywhere is possible only with my consent.

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