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Everything You Need To Know About red rice benefits

Red Rice benefits

Red rice benefits come from Asia where it is viral, in many Asian countries it is consumed daily. The characteristic that gives it its name is due to the shell that surrounds it, which has a reddish color, a natural red color.

This rice is highly appreciated in Asia for its large number of beneficial properties for our health, for this reason, it has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, it is a very nutritional food, and since it is a cereal that maintains its rind/bran, it is very rich in fiber and therefore very healthy with many benefits for our health.

We detail all the properties of red rice:

  • This type of rice is very effective so that our blood cholesterol levels do not rise and to help lower it. It is a very important property if we take into account that the great cause of heart attacks and hypertension is cholesterol. For this reason, consuming it is beneficial for maintaining good cardiovascular health. This is because by keeping its shell it provides a large amount of fiber and this allows it to eliminate fat, also cholesterol, preventing our body from absorbing more fat than it needs.
  • Also thanks to the large amount of fiber that it provides us, it is very beneficial for improving intestinal transit, so if you are one of those who find it difficult to go to the bathroom, eating red rice is a good way to combat constipation.
  • In addition, it is a food that gives us a feeling of satiety, so it is good to help maintain our weight and not eat more than necessary.
  • It contains a high content of Vitamin B6 and is the precursor of serotonin, which is why it helps to reduce stress and depression with this, it also helps us to fall asleep and reduce insomnia.
  • Do not forget that they also contain other nutrients such as zinc, iron, and magnesium. Zinc helps maintain the normal functioning of our immune system, just like iron. Magnesium is necessary for the formation and maintenance of our bones.

Differences between Red Rice and Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice is not the same as red rice, even though it may seem the same.

Red rice, as we discussed above, is a type of rice that maintains its shell, which gives it its reddish color. Red yeast rice is a fungus that grows on cereal (rice) and as its growth progresses, it acquires a red color. Many cholesterol-lowering food supplements contain this fungus Monascus purpureus.

So the two coincide in their color and both are beneficial to combat cholesterol, but they are not the same.

How to cook Red Rice?

The first thing to buy is red rice which is of the highest quality, remember that it is a type of brown rice. For it to be healthier, it must be from organic farming, so we will avoid bringing any remaining chemicals into our dishes. You can buy Bio Red Rice in the Diet Center, 500g from El Granero .

We can put the rice to soak for an hour and a half before starting to cook it. Being a type of brown rice, its cooking time is longer than that of other types of rice such as white. Having left it to soak, the cooking time will be approximately 30 minutes.

We can eat this rice cold or hot, in either of the two ways we will enjoy it and take advantage of its properties.

Do not hesitate, if you have not tried red rice, start today and enjoy all the options it gives you to cook it, you will find recipes with mushrooms, Thai recipes, with vegetables.

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