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Fb Timeline: What is it and what’s new?

Facebook Timeline is the latest addition and one of the most awaited features in the history of Facebook. It is still in beta and available to developers, but will soon be rolled out to all users.

Facebook Timeline is a new way to show your profile and as the name suggests it changes your profile in a time-driven series. It is a story of your life that is visible to both you and your friends. It changes the default profile from a list of your most recent updates to a complete summary of your entire life since birth. The default Facebook profile page newsfeeds have evolved into a stream of your life.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Facebook Timeline is that it can tell a detailed story of your life on a single page. Imagine the possibilities and history if Facebook being still around in 20 years!

There are two main parts of Facebook Timeline replacing the old default Facebook profile page that presents updates in chronological order. The upper portion of the Facebook Timeline is called the cover and contains your personal information along with your friends, photos, pages you have liked, statuses, and recent activities.  Below the Cover is the Heart of the Timeline. It is divided into two main columns and it has a line in the middle representing the passage of time.   By using Facebook Timeline on your profile page, your friends can now choose a specific year and month and quickly access all your activities and content for that specific time. As you scroll through the page, you are presented with updates that are relevant and important. The wider you make the timeline, the finer the filtration gets so that only the most important stories of your life will be displayed. You can even add more information about yourself to make your timeline more informative, meaning the new timeline can be as detailed or as vague as you like.

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