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FBHive hearts free Facebook gifts

We here at FBHive love free stuff (who doesn’t?), and this includes Facebook gifts. We love giving them and we love receiving them, especially now that they come with +1 credit  (that’s 10 US cents worth!). Sure, we could get into a debate about the intrinsic value of a virtual gift, but when they’re free – who cares!

Sadly, we feel that Facebook doesn’t do enough to promote these free gifts. An ad will appear in the sidebar occasionally, but for the most part, new free gifts are usually something we discover ourselves while browsing the Facebook Gift Shop. There is currently no way to be notified when something new appears.

With the old Gift Shop layout, the free gifts were easy to find because there was an option to sort by price. Now, with the recent redesign, that option has disappeared. Not only that, but some free gifts don’t even appear in the Shop – they can only be found on the Facebook Page of the company/product that’s sponsoring them.

So, as part of our regular feed of Facebook news, we plan to inform you whenever we discover a new free gift. Stay tuned as we play a bit of catch-up and let you know what’s currently available to be given away and make someone’s day (without a cent to pay).

Go here to see all the free Facebook gifts as we post them:

Oh, and just so you know…

Facebook’s Free Gift Rules

  • You cannot give a free gift to yourself. 
  • You can give away the same free gift multiple times, but not to the same person.

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