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Here is why you should buy Food and beverage insurance

Are you looking to get covered for food and beverage insurance, then you have landed on the right page. At Simple Insurance Solutions, we offer just the right insurance solutions for restaurants, pubs and bars. Our policies are designed carefully to meet the nature of your business. We also prioritize your safety and the safety of your company so you can go about your daily business worry-free.

It does not matter whether you run a food manufacturing business, a restaurant, or a beverage business; it is important you carry out a complete risk assessment and have the essential level of insurance coverage in place.

They have been arranging policies for customers within the leisure sector for many years and understand the different risks to which your business may be exposed. We offer tons of insurance services including  commercial combined insurance.

We specialize in food and beverage insurance

We have vast experience in the food & beverage insurance field and have helped many clients with the types of risks they face and the reasonable insurance they need. Our client base has included caterers, food producers & processors, and distributors, providing us with a unique insight into the different risks they faced and enabling us to tailor insurance to provide full protection.

At Simple Insurance Solutions, you will only find competitive Solutions 

We can arrange specialist cover which is not available elsewhere. It provides a number of main benefits, including product recall, the first-party coverage as standard; problem containment as standard; no terror exclusion; and crisis recovery, providing you with the direct assistance following the loss. The Supply chain ‘all-risks’ cover is available and we can also arrange a long-term agreement.

We continue to develop our insurance programs to meet the changing requirements of this field and we are really happy to arrange the optimum and cost-effective solution for your business.

As consumers become more social, health, and environmentally conscious, food and beverage companies all around the world are evolving their business structures to meet the requirements. Many companies are enhancing their adoption of technology and expanding supply chain structures to hold market share while facing challenges from extreme weather events, increasing regulations, and cyberattacks. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted and aggravated many of these risks as some supply chains failed or were extremely shrunk.

Why is it important to have professional food and beverage insurance?

It does not matter whether it is an allergic reaction or a slip in the kitchen, accidents happen to the most experienced food experts. Claims for food liability can cost you a lot. So, the food and beverage insurance policy generally provide flexible cover for public and product liability alongside the employer’s liability, the stock cover, and contents for claims which could really dent your business.

The UK food & beverage sector is a challenging place. As you consider the risks associated with it. We believe that the next-generation risk management advisory business needs a larger range of solutions coupled with an inherent knowledge of the persons behind your industry. Growing scrutiny on the sourcing of ingredients, the first in the chain to feel the effect of commodity prices and a constant balancing act between changing laws on one side and more challenging and ever-evolving clients’ tastes.

What is covered by food liability insurance?

  • Let’s start with food liability insurance which will include product and public liability, it will cover you against accidents caused by your business or claims against your products. If someone suffers an allergic reaction to an ingredient they have used. You can also include insurance for employees plus accident cover for you or anyone else you have covered.
  • Product and public liability insurance for food businesses will cover your products and business in case of any damage or injury to the property.
  • Employer’s liability insurance will cover in case someone gets injured because of working for you.
  • Contents insurance will cover you in case something happens to your equipment.
  • Stock insurance will provide you coverage against something that happens to your items in the stock.
  • Legal expenses will provide you cover against legal expenses associated with your food business.

How does it work?

Pick what goes into your policy and pay only for what you require.

Choose the best that suits you and receive great prices from a range of insurers.

You can get your documents on the same day.

Key risks of the food & beverage sector

Our team believes the placement & arrangement of the general insurance program to be the most basic factor of what we do, but still a key cornerstone of any risk program.

Insurance policy for the beverage industry

The beverage industry requires insurance just as much as the food industry. The risks are very similar as it is with the food industry and similar situations can occur which require compensation legal fees and payments. Having the right insurance policy for your shop can make a big difference to the running of your business, mainly with products you can not recall. It will allow you to rest easy knowing that you are well secured should anything go out of the ordinary with your business.

Our best approach to the market delivers a proper competition yearly ensuring that you not only get benefit from the enhanced policy but also competitive premiums. Our team’s experience in this field means we have established strong relationships with expert insurers who have the largest cover in the market for organizations operating in your sector.

By focusing on the key areas are able to manufacture a customized insurance program at an affordable price. They believe that an insurance policy should be more than a document. We believe in giving real value to you via our strong relationships by looking beyond insurance cover alone and giving risk management guidance and support to help you protect your business. They have got the experience that will allow us to provide you with customized risk management advice that addresses.

The simple insurance solutions team’s primary focus is to find an insurance broker that protects your business against the risks that come with your beverage & food manufacturing business. There are many factors to ponder. So, our team is here to discuss your business structure and will offer a quotation based on cover needs associated with your business.

Looking ahead

The insurance market will continue to grow and get more challenges for the food and beverage market. Given the uncertainty of it, it is important that businesses work closely with their insurance brokers to manage it. There are huge hikes in commodity prices so, it

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