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Four Common Hazardous Household Waste Types

problems we are creating, some people cannot live in cities that are free from pollution. It’s not only the air pollution. We also have water pollution and soil erosion. The problem is often not apparent to most people, but it is our fault. Why? We don’t practice preventive measures to reduce their effects.

Learn about the four most hazardous types of household waste, and how to reduce them. Rent any dumpster from local dumpster rental Carver.


The most dangerous type of household waste is paint. Solvents in paint evaporate quickly and can be toxic if inhaled. If paint is not properly disposed of, it can harm both people and the environment. Old paint cans should not be discarded with regular garbage. They can seep into the soil and water tables, contaminating both with hazardous chemicals..


There are many potentially hazardous chemicals in rechargeable batteries. These include car batteries, computer batteries, and cell phone batteries. Car batteries can contain lead, while cell phones and computer batteries may have toxic metals like cadmium or mercury.

Waste dumpster rentals are the best way to dispose of household hazardous waste. Simply fill our container with what you wish to dispose of and we’ll pick it up at your home or workplace. In just a few days, we will safely dispose off the waste at an EPA approved facility.

Automotive Components

Although it may seem tempting to throw away old motor oil and motor parts, they are hazardous waste. Old car parts can leach metals into the groundwater, and oil can cause environmental contamination.

Insecticides & Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals that control insects, weeds and other pest organisms. Pesticides are chemicals that kill insects. Herbicides kill plants. Pesticides can be found in many household products, such as bug sprays and flea bombs. If they are not properly disposed of, it can pose a danger to your health.

Before you take pesticide containers to the recycling center, empty them into a sealed bag. Pesticide containers should be properly disposed of.

Many people keep insecticide containers in their basements or garages. These containers can be used to store old weed killer or insecticide cans. These containers can contain harmful chemicals that can cause injury if they are inhaled by pets or children.

Waste Disposal

Tossing items in the trash can pose a danger to anyone who handles them. They can lead to injury or death, as well as contaminating food, water and soil. To prevent these problems, you should use proper hazardous waste disposal techniques. Do you need a reliable dumpster rental company? Dumpster rental company in Carver offers a variety of dumpster rental options.

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