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Gwadar Port Authority has registered with FBR and BRA

Gwadar Port Authority has appointed a Chartered Accountant Firm registered with FBR. and BRA for the preparation of GPA accounts for the fiscal year from July 2021 to June 2022 (extendable) ra. From Pakistan, RFP invites. a reputable company to rent. the Gwadar Port Cafeteria at Gwadar Port Authority Headquarters. for private his staff and his GPA staff.

Preparation of GPA accounts

Gwadar Port Authority has appointed a Chartered Accountant Firm registered with FBR. and BRA for the preparation of GPA accounts for the fiscal year from July 2021 to June 2022. (extendable) duly registered with ICAP. We are seeking technical and financial proposals from Gwadar Port Authority. (GPA) is a company that has sufficient experience, financial competence. and appropriate qualifications in the relevant field to participate in the project. of “Gwadar Port Perimeter Security System” according to the specified bidding documents. Invite contractors. The Gwadar Port Authority, Ministry of Maritime Affairs. will hire the services of a consulting office for the project. ‘GPA Gwadar Housing Estate Wastewater Treatment Plant’.

FBR’s Active Taxpayer List (ATL

For his GPA vehicles from businesses/services registered with the Income Tax. and Sales Tax Department, listed on the FBR’s Active Taxpayer List (ATL). Relevant Fields, Financially Sound and Qualified Prescribed Tender Documents. Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Closing Date, Prerequisites, Application Method. Tenders shall deemed to be in good standing. with the maintenance of navigation canal dredging. Applies. Get invitations to bids and auctions in Punjab. and Sindh newspapers, KPK, AJK, Balochistan in one place. The Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), Ministry of Maritime Affairs. has put in place state-of-the-art port security to make the city safe and secure for local. and foreign investors. System Gwadar.
In this regard. GPA has issued a notice inviting tenders for a perimeter security system for his Gwadar port. according to Gwadar Pro on Monday.

specifications terms and conditions

Bidding documents including detailed specifications terms. and conditions are available from the Project Manager’s Office at GPA Headquarters Gwadar. and his GPA Camp Office Karachi the relevant field to finance a project titled ‘Peripheral Ports’. We invited companies and contractors to participate. Gwadar Security System” and issued the necessary bidding documents. Bidding documents including detailed specifications, terms and conditions are available from the Project. Manager’s Office at GPA Headquarters Gwadar and his GPA Camp Office Karachi. In the presence of the bidder or his representative. the tender will held on 29 November 2022 at Gwadar Port Authority Headquarters. Pak-China Friendship Boulevard, Gwadar.

The Perimeter Security System

Procurement methods are subject to the Public Procurement Regulations 2004. “Second Stage Single Envelope Procedure under Rule 36(b). GPA may reject any bid or offer pursuant to PPRA Rule 33 .
The Perimeter Security System Gwadar Port. becomes an integrated multi-purpose system that detects threats. performs monitoring, and analyzes attack patterns. The federal and provincial governments of Balochistan are doing. everything in their power to ensure the safety of investors and tourists in Gwadar City. The project will install approximately 675. CCTV cameras to enhance security measures in Gwadar.
Gwadar Port is a heated deep water port on the Arabian Sea in Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan.
Gwadar Port a hub of maritime excellence located.

our business success

 The Arabian Sea approximately 533 km from Karachi. 120 km from the Iranian border and 380 km northeast of Oman. Gwadar Port located just outside the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz, bordering.
the main shipping lanes in and out of the Persian Gulf. It located in the eastern bay of a natural hammerhead-shaped peninsula jutting. .from the coast into the Arabian Sea. our philosophy Our impeccable reputation for customer retention is the hallmark of our business success. Pakistan has her two international deep-sea ports, Karachi Port and Qasim Port. Over the next few years. their capacity expansion program is unlikely.. to keep up with the expected increase in demand and will require a third port to fill the gap. Due to its location in the city, it is highly constrained. and unable to meet the ever-increasing demand in the coming decades.

Industrial cargo ports

In the case of Qasim Port, although. there is ample room for expansion, the pace of development hampered. by its location on high ground more than 40 kilometers from the open sea and long arrival times. ship. This is not a problem for industrial cargo located near ports. but it does add costs for cargo with different origins and destinations. Against this background, building. and opening a third deep-sea port was appropriate for Pakistan to ensure. that the nation’s development would not hampered. by the country’s lack of port capacity in the future. Given the expected rapid increase in port demand. it is also important to continue expanding Gwadar Port’s capacity over the coming decades. In 2007, the port of Gwadar opened and started operations. It located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the city of Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan. The port is about 620 km from Karachi,

Economic Corridor Plan

Pakistan’s largest city. and economic center, and about 120 km from the Iranian border. It managed by the Gwadar Port Authority, but operations have taken over by a Chinese company. China Overseas Ports Holding Company (COPHC).Gwadar Port currently has three 200m long conventional berths. a turnover basin with a diameter of 45m. and a 4.5km approach channel that has towed to 12.5m. The port also has all the necessary handling equipment including tugs. pilot boats and research vessels. Expansion under CPEC. Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Plan. COPHC will expand Gwadar Port by constructing nine. new multi-purpose berths along a 3.2-kilometer waterfront east of the existing multi-purpose berths. COPHC will also construct cargo terminals within 12 km of land north. and northwest of the site along the coastline of Demizer Bay.
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