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How does Mercari operate and what is it?

What is Mercari?

Mercari was founded in 2013 and its main purpose was the selling their using items. This is an eCommerce company that allows users to buy and sell their products from anywhere in an easy mood. 

Japan organized an app that helps people to sell and purchase things at a responsible price. 

If you have any used products and you want to sell them. Then, You can also use mircari, You will upload a picture of their product and give whole information about them. 

Mercari will list your items on their app and boost them. When anyone the products, When anyone will search and see your listed items. 

And much possible they will purchase them. So, That’s why you can sell or purchase. 

Yes! Amazon’s example can be noted. But this is a local marketplace and you can list your second-hand items. 

One thing that may be disappointing for you is that this service is only available in Japan & United States region. Still, It’s not offered to a wide range of global services.

Which Types of Products Can I Sell and Purchase on Them?

Mercari doesn’t restrict you to what is selling or not, what should purchase, and so on. It’s a completely free app that allows you to sell anything that you want. 

No restriction to listing them. When you see that things are become out of the work and want to sell them. Then, You can easily hang them on mircari. 

How Does It Work? How to Sell & Purchase?

You can both types of work can be done in this marketplace. You can sell items as well as purchasing. 

Some Basis and essential steps you will make before selling your things:

  • You must have Registred on Mercari. 
  • Those items that you want to sell.
  • Picture of your selling items.
  • Put in-depth information about products. 
  • You must have a suitable price. 
  • List it with the Right category. 
  • Select Shipping Ways. 
  • Upload Your Adverstimwent.

When you will be done with your ad. Your ad will be live on mercari and soon anyone will contact you. If anyone will be interested.

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How To Purchase?

Purchasing is not rocket science. Every marketplace has nearly the same methods. So, Mercari also has the same producers. 

Let’s see how we can purchase our expected thing on mercari.

  • First Registered you on them. 
  • Search for the products that you want. 
  • Choose the best product according to your mind. 
  • Read All Descpiration, See pictures, Brand reviews, and names. 
  • If you like the product, Simply Click to buy.

 That simple way you can purchase the product on mercari. 

Now will see the Pros and Cons Of  Mercari. Let’s Jump:


  1. It’s Free of Cost. 
  2. You can sell your second-hand items. 
  3. Selling fees are very low. 10% with a single item.
  4. You will get paid within 3 Days.
  5. Good traffic on the website.
  6. Mercari provides up to $200 worth of insurance with its prepaid shipping labels.


  1. Not Available in all countries (Only in Japan & US)
  2. There’s a strong encouragement for returns, and some buyers take advantage of it to scam sellers

Reviews of Mercari:

If we talk about the Mercari review, Then It shows the finest number of user satisfaction. 

The back-to-back commerce store provides good satisfaction to users, That is why their rating on the Google play store is 4.6 out of 5 and 4.8/5 on the Apple store, and 3.5/5 on the trust pilot. 

It provides good customer support by phone calls or emails.  


Is Mercari App available in all countries?

No, We can use this app from all around the world. It’s only available in Japan & US. 

Is Mercari available for Delivering the items?

Product delivering divided into 3 phases on Mercari. 

  1. Ship on your own – In this option, You will be responsible to hand out your products to your existing customers. Mercari will not take any responsibility. 
  2. Prepaid Label 
  3. Mercari Pack & Ship

For in-depth information about shipping. Click here:

What % of fees are cut by Mercari on item selling?

When you successfully sell anything on mercari. The mercari will be cut by 10% according to the item price. Normally, It’s deducted 10% with a single item. 

Is Mercari Safe?

Yes! Mercari is a fully safe and trustable company. It allows you to sell and purchase anything without any hassle. Also, the Escrow option is available for payment security. 


So, This was some information about Mercari. Hopefully, Now You’ll get completely aware of them. If you think that was helpful for you, Then Share with your circle and stay tuned for more information

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