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How To Draw A Lion

How To Draw A Lion. The lion is a large species in the Felidae family, which means they are closely related to cats. A lion is a huge cat with a muscular build, thick mane, rounded ears, and hairy grass at the end of its tail. Lions are most active at night and live in different habitats, but generally prefer grasslands, savannah, dense scrub, and open forests. Due to the lion’s superb features and impeccable hunting talents, the lion is truly a powerful beast. The fascination with lions has caused a high demand for free lion drawing tutorials.

This video file cannot be played. (Error code: 232001) You asked for it, and we delivered it. Now we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lion, simplified with 9 easy steps combined with simple illustrations. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Let’s draw together! You can draw many more characters like how to draw goku, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

Start by removing a sideways elliptical shape in the center of your essay. This creates an outline of the shape of the lion’s head. Remember, draw with a light grip and light strokes when outlining. Avoid pressing too hard with the stylus to remove overlapping lines later. To ensure the lion is drawn in the center, you can create reference lines by drawing horizontal and vertical lines that intersect on the paper. The point where the two lines complete marks where you should mark the oval form.

Step 2:

Draw the lion’s mane surrounding the side oval shape we drew in the previous step. Remember to add strands of hair to add texture, making the mane soft and fuzzy, as it should be! After completing the step, the lion’s head outline and mane should be visible.

Step 3:

Just below the lion’s head, draw two paws next to each other with three paws visible at the bottom. The leg can be structured by drawing two parallel vertical lines with three curves to create the legs. Repeat the exact step on the opposite flank to create a good leg. At this point, the two front legs of the lion should be finished.

Step 4:

On either side of the lion’s lower body, draw an angled curve to form the hind legs. Next, draw a semicircle with another side-to-side curved line at the bottom of each leg. This forms the legs of the lion, thus completing its hind legs. As the lion faces upwards, its hind legs are only partially visible.

Step 5:

Draw several pointed shapes with connected curves that extend across the top of the lion’s head. This forms the lion’s thick and long mane. Be sure to remove the overlapping outline with the lion’s mane! It helps to keep your drawing clean.

Step 6:

Draw an inverted U on either side of the lion’s head inside the lion’s mane. Then close the figure by drawing the line at the bottom. This creates the lion’s left and right ears. The lion’s pair of ears are usually rounded and straight, so keep that in mind when drawing the lion’s ears.

Step 7:

Draw a long, thin line shape from the lower right side of the lion’s body. This forms the tail of the lion. Next, draw a piece of thick fur at the tail’s end, which is one of the distinctive physical characteristics of the lion!

Step 8:

Remove a sideways oval shape at the base of the lion’s front. This outlines the lion’s muzzle, where we will draw the nose and mouth next. For the nose, draw an inverted triangle shape. Then, just below the nose, draw a short vertical line that curves around each side to create the lion’s mouth. Add detail to the lion’s ears by simply drawing an interior shape following the outline of each ear. This creates the appearance of inner ears.

Step 9:

Meet your lion drawing by counting a pair of eyes! Draw two oval shapes standing on the muzzle of the lion. Next, draw a small circle inside each eye. Then shade all the eyes except the small circle. This creates a dramatic “glittering eyes” effect, which makes the lion even more adorable! As you can see in the illustration, the lion finally joined us. Now all that’s missing is a splash of color to bring the lion to life! Go ahead and grab your favorite coloring supplies because it’s time for the fun part: coloring your drawing! A lion’s coat color is mostly golden yellow, while its mane ranges from blond to reddish-brown to black.

Finished Drawing!

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