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Are you trying to buy your first house in Islamabad? If not, you could harbour aspirations of one day owning a home. One of the more surefire investments for getting a decent return on your money seems to be buying a piece of land or other real estate. If you’re concerned about losing your money, buying a piece of real estate—whether it’s residential or commercial—will be a wise investment.

One of Pakistan’s finest real estate firms, Star Marketing, may have the best property available for purchase. A genuine owner, an individual, or a housing corporation are only a few sources from which you can purchase a piece of property. In all of Pakistan’s provinces, the process for purchasing and owning a plot is essentially the same. In spite of the fact that buying a residential land in Islamabad is a largely hands-off process, success still requires substantial research and money-making techniques.

Steps to Take To Purchase An Islamabad housing plot

Investors and buyers can utilise our thorough step-by-step guidance prior to buying a residential land in Islamabad to steer clear of fraud and scams.


The location should be taken into account before purchasing a land. Select the area where you wish to buy the property. Tariffs vary from region to region. An identical 5 Marla plot in DHA Lahore will cost you about Rs 10 Million, whereas a 5 Marla plot in Bahria Town, Lahore, will cost you about Rs 5 Million. Decide first where you’re going to spend your money.

Recognize the tactic

If you have already visited the region and are confident that the master plan will be successful in the future, now is the time to become familiar with it. Check the features of the project and the area’s planning. If community planning complies with modern standards, put it on your white list; if not, put it on your grey list.

looking into the developer

If the sponsor is an established person or organisation, there is a good likelihood that the developer will be excellent. But it’s important to understand the developer. If the developer is reliable and other projects have been completed, you can go and look at the construction standards. Add it to your white list if the requirements are reasonable; if not, add it to your grey list.
If you have everything indicated above on your “white list,” then this is the ideal investing opportunity. You should always make a purchase if the top three products on your grey list and vice versa are also on your white list. If the second point is unclear, i.e. the project is being approved, you can look over the developer’s application documents and the development authority’s verification. If everything seems to be in order, you should place the order. If any of your points are on the blacklist, you must proceed with caution; it is therefore preferable to take a different course of action.

Meeting with the Plot Owner in Person

Talk to the plot owner and set up a meeting to go through all the plot-related difficulties and potentially try to negotiate if you don’t want to work with a real estate firm.
reputable real estate broker
Finding the ideal real estate agent is more difficult than you anticipated. The greatest marketplace for residential or commercial property and one of the most dependable real estate companies is Star Marketing, which will help you find the appropriate home plot in Islamabad.

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Determine the real estate agent’s fee.

Real estate agents frequently want 1% of the home’s worth. If only one person is engaged in the transaction, the real estate agent is entitled to a 1% commission from all parties. That doesn’t happen most of the time, though. Some agents get 2%, while others earn as little as 1%. Real estate agents have the authority to set their own commission rates.
The agent’s profit margin is significantly impacted by the buyer’s negotiating abilities. It is very recommended to set the commission rate in advance. A customer, however, owes an agent nothing more than his commission.

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