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Key facts about CoinEx; read the 2023 review

Cryptocurrency is a popular topic of discussion today. People now can discover any topic on the websites like Cryptoknowmics. Here they can search to find the best USDC wallets or which is the most secure Coinbase wallet. For your information Linen wallet is the most secure and best wallet to buy USDC. However, you can fetch information about cryptocurrency wallets. But today we are going to present the 2023 review on CoinEx. 

This is one of the well-known exchanges across the world that begin its journey in Hong Kong. CoinEx has been active in providing its services of blockchain products. The one big reason that makes it a stellar option is it’s being acquainted with multiple features. It is supportive of numerous cryptocurrency assets as well as fiat currencies. It provides numerous options. 

CoinEx is also best at providing so many incentives for high-volume crypto trading and for those who are new to it via an appealing and simple interface. Let us know more about the exchange below. 

Briefing about CoinEX

CoinEx comes as one of the top-notch crypto trading platforms and a blockchain service provider. It facilitates different product varieties for individuals who are either experienced investors or are new to trading. CoinEx is supportive of the range of crypto coins, tokens, and other assets. Users are at advantage for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies via an interface that is easier in understanding for both mobile and desktop use (iOS and Android). 

To explore the services of CoinEx then users won’t have to go through a complex procedure for signing up. They can begin using the exchange once they make their CoinEx account. While exploring this exchange you will notice that all the tokens that they see on the platform have numerous trading pairs. 

Like Binance which has its native token BNB, CoinEx has CET as its ERC-20-based token. When a user trade through this token for any coin, then he can avail of benefits including concessions. Adding further security provisions are HTTPS protocol and cold wallet storage.

Features & Services

  • CoinEx facilitates speedy and trusted transactions that take very less time in comparison to other industry exchange that takes days in transferring. 
  • It has an appealing user interface that applies to both users of mobile phones and computers.
  • One more top feature of CoinEx is the provision of a crypto wallet that brings the possibility of speedy transfer of assets in the digital ecosystem of the company. 
  • CoinEx also comes featured with a mining facility. But mining events do not take place on regular basis but at intervals. 
  • In case you are stuck into some issue, there is round-the-clock customer service that you get via emails and other digital mediums. 

Coming to services, CoinEx is not among the other exchanges. It mainly consists of 5 products and services that they introduce to the marketplace. These include exchange, smart chain, OneSwap, ViaBTC Pool, and ViaWallet. These services have been crafted so well into the problem-free environment when it comes to trading any crypto coin. They are paid for either digital assets or fiat currencies that are supported by the exchange. 


Now comes the question of safety. The answer to this is yes, CoinEx does guarantee safety through its safety provision 2FA (Two-Factor authentication), HTTPS protocol, and cold wallet storage. Hence, your crypto assets are safe here. Log on to Cryptoknowmics to know more key facts about cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. 

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