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List of Things to Do Two or Three Days Before Moving Day

Home relocation, however, takes more than a single day. It’s recommended that you start making preparations at least a month before the actual move.

To assist you, we have compiled a detailed to-do list for the period leading up to your relocation.

Checklist for the two to three days preceding the big move

Make preparations to leave

Throw a change of clothes in here. Put together a survival kit for the receiving end, complete with paper towels, light bulbs, candles, a few tools, matches, money, and a list of crucial phone numbers. Pack for the days following moving day, including anything you might need. Put your jewelry and other valuables in this bag, and then lock it in the car on a moving day.


Wash and dry your clothes quickly. Have you scheduled a plumber to remove the washing machine? While some moving companies, https://www.ehomemover.com may be willing to do this as a courtesy, the vast majority of them will not and cannot because they are not covered by insurance to do so.


Verify that you will have access to your new home’s keys and that you know where to keep your own set of keys. You should label any spare keys and leave them in a conspicuous place before you leave the house on a moving day. Don’t forget to move them away from any windows where they could be seen. Since newcomers tend to head straight for the kitchen when they move in, it’s usually in good shape when they arrive at Professional movers.


Make sure there aren’t any parking issues by talking to your neighbors. Most moving trucks are about the size of a double-decker bus. Space must be provided for the truck to enter the parking spot. If the loading area is on an incline, the lorry should be positioned so that the back doors face downhill, and the removal crew can easily load and unload items (this stops everything from falling out when they open the doors).

Cold storage appliances

If you plan on storing or transporting your furniture over a long distance, it is imperative that you empty, defrost, and dry out your refrigerator and freezer. If you don’t do this, the refrigerator will defrost in the back of the moving van and leak all over your belongings. Don’t forget that perishable goods can’t be transferred inside the warehouse. If you have been quoted to have your freezer moved with the contents still inside (this will only apply to short distances), place the contents into polythene bags so they can be lifted out while carrying the freezer and placed back inside with the minimum of fuss.

Stoves and ovens

Make sure that the lids of all of the containers in the kitchen are on securely, and throw away anything that has gone bad.


Put items that are significant to you, such as money and documents, in a safe place.

Shipments Made in Parts or Parts Only

It is important that the people who will be receiving individual pieces of your furniture that are part of a larger shipment are informed of the delivery date and time as soon as it is possible to do so.

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