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Why Use LPR Systems?

License plate recognition solutions, also known as lpr systems, remain a popular vehicle access control solution today. These systems come with too many benefits to list. However, there are three key reasons commonly reported when users are asked why they chose to invest in a system of this type.

Increased Security

Every person wants to know they are safe when parking their vehicle at night. The community wants to know it is safe, too. Sadly, parking lots and garages remain prime targets for criminals, as they know these areas aren’t heavily populated. People Park their vehicles and leave. This means anyone using the garage may be alone, making them an easy target for someone looking to engage in nefarious activities.

Individuals reported more than 16,000 robberies in parking lots and garages in 2021. As a result, many people don’t feel comfortable using these parking facilities. An LPR system helps to ease their worries by controlling who may enter and exit the area and recording those vehicles that make use of the garage or parking lot.

Residential communities use this technology with great success, as do employee parking garages. These systems are also frequently found in student housing. Every vehicle owner using a parking facility on private property may find they can only access the facility by way of a gate, and their registered vehicle is the only one that can enter.

Every vehicle moving through this system has its plate recorded, along with the date and time the vehicle enters and exits the facility. This allows authorities to track a vehicle’s movement if a problem arises.

Hands-Free Entry

When an LPR system is used, drivers no longer need to stop and scan a fob or find a key card. The system automatically records the movement of the car, so there are fewer traffic jams. The system scans the license plate and compares it to a database of registered vehicles to provide touchless entry. Visitors must use a separate entrance, however, as their plates aren’t registered and the system won’t recognize them.

Better Parking Management

Some facilities find they have problems with a lack of parking. This problem arises for many reasons. There may be many visitors taking up the spaces or these guests may stay longer than anticipated, leading to a parking shortage.

It’s very frustrating when people have assigned parking spaces and a driver uses a space that isn’t theirs. This often happens when one family or unit has multiple vehicles, more than their designated spaces can accommodate. Furthermore, non-operational vehicles may be occupying some of these spots, leaving fewer spaces for those vehicles that run.

With the help of an LPR system, management authorities can determine who is using parking spaces, whether these spaces are designated for those vehicles, and how long vehicles remain in their spaces. This makes it easier to enforce parking rules and regulations.

These are only three of many ways an LPR system may be used today. There are countless others. Any person responsible for overseeing traffic and parking management should learn more about these systems and their benefits, as they can make the lives of managers easier every day.

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