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Masako Katsura: The Queen of Billiards

Introduction: masako katsura was a Japanese billiards player who made a significant impact on the sport in the mid-twentieth century. Born on December 16, 1913, in Kyoto, Japan, Katsura developed a love for billiards at a young age. She started playing pool when she was just fourteen years old and quickly became a master of the game. Her exceptional skills and talent earned her the nickname “The Queen of Billiards.”

Early Life and Career

Katsura’s passion for billiards began when she was a young girl. Her father owned a billiards hall, and she spent a lot of time watching him play. She was fascinated by the game and began playing on her own. Katsura started competing in local tournaments when she was just fifteen years old and quickly made a name for herself in the billiards world.

In 1949, Katsura traveled to the United States to participate in the World Pocket Billiards Championship in Johnston City, Illinois. She became the first woman to ever compete in the tournament and finished in third place, defeating several male players along the way. Katsura’s success in the tournament helped to raise the profile of women’s billiards and inspire other female players to compete.

Achievements and Legacy

Katsura went on to achieve many impressive feats throughout her career. She won the Japanese Women’s Billiards Championship nine times and was the runner-up in the World Women’s Billiards Championship four times. Katsura was also a skilled trick-shot artist and performed exhibitions around the world, wowing audiences with her incredible skills.

Katsura’s impact on the sport of billiards cannot be overstated. She helped to break down barriers for women in the sport and paved the way for future generations of female players. Katsura’s legacy is still felt in the billiards world today, and she is widely regarded as one of the greatest billiards players of all time.

Personal Life and Death

Katsura married in 1951 and had two children, but she continued to play billiards throughout her life. She passed away on December 17, 1995, at the age of 82. Katsura’s contributions to the sport of billiards continue to be celebrated, and she is remembered as a trailblazer and inspiration for women in the sport.


Masako Katsura was a pioneering figure in the world of billiards. Her exceptional skills and achievements helped to break down barriers for women in the sport and inspired countless female players to follow in her footsteps. Katsura’s legacy continues to be felt in the billiards world today, and she will always be remembered as “The Queen of Billiards.”

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