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New Peloton Rowing Machine Review

New Peloton Rowing Machine

Peloton’s new rower is an exercise machine that combines their hardware and software innovations. It includes features like personal pace targets, form assist real-time monitoring, and a 24-inch HD screen that tilts 25 degrees vertically and 45 degrees horizontally.

The product team started with a set of questions: How can we design a beginner-friendly rowing experience that’s easy to use? Senior Manager of User Research Beth Wendt helped the team find the answers.

Getting Started

The New Peloton Rowing Machine is designed to be a seamless addition to your Peloton workouts. It’s a smart rowing machine with a 24-inch HD swivel screen and electronically controlled resistance.

Using a research-based approach, the New Peloton Rowing Machine was built to make rowing easy for all users, including beginners. Getting the right balance of ease-of-use and performance was key, so Peloton’s Senior Manager of User Research Beth Wendt curated a rigorous testing process to uncover the best features and methods for rowing.

The New Peloton Rowing Machine also uses sensors in the flywheel, handlebar, and seat to give you real-time form feedback during your workout. This feature, called Form Assist, helps you adjust your rowing technique to avoid injury. It also provides a post-class breakdown of your form, along with tips and insights to improve your performance.


The New Peloton Rowing Machine is designed to bring the river to your living room, offering a low-impact full body workout that works all major muscle groups. It’s also nearly silent thanks to electronically controlled resistance and an ultra-thin belt.

The machine’s sleek aesthetic is right in line with the brand’s other home exercise equipment like the Bike and Tread. And as you would expect from any connected fitness company, it also has a large 24-inch HD display onto which you can watch your classes or Netflix videos.

It also offers an innovative feature called Form Assist that uses sensors on the flywheel, handlebars, and seat to track your movements. If your form is off, a digital figure on the screen will highlight that part of your body in red and tell you where you need to fix it.

This feature makes it easy for beginners to get started and improve their performance. It also helps you stay motivated over time by providing a long-term progress rating and insights.


Adding a rower to Peloton’s lineup of home exercise equipment has been years in the making. While it’s not a traditional piece of fitness equipment, the New Peloton Rowing Machine is still very sturdy and has a few important safety features that you should know about.

One of the most important features is Form Assist, which helps you monitor your body’s form during each workout. The machine will give you visual feedback based on sensor data that will help you adjust your rowing technique.

Another great feature is Form Rating + Insights, which provides you with a post-class breakdown of your form and tips to improve it. It’s a helpful feature for those who are new to the rower or who have struggled with their form in the past.

Like all Peloton workout machines, the New Peloton Rowing Machine can be stowed up in an upright position for safe storage. It also comes with a wall anchor to ensure that your new machine stays in place when not in use.

Ease of Use

Rowing is an excellent way to get a full-body workout that works 86% of your muscles in just 15 minutes. It’s also known as the Goldilocks exercise, meaning it has a perfect balance of cardio and strength.

The New Peloton Rowing Machine offers an ergonomic seat and a comfortable, textured rubber handle. It even features a center cut-out that allows you to perform one-handed rowing exercises.

It’s also very quiet, making it ideal for early morning workouts when you might be woken up by your housemates. And it’s vertically stowable for easy storage.

The New Peloton Rowing Machine also comes with a 24-inch HD swivel screen for watching classes, and electronically-controlled resistance for frictionless performance. Plus, it offers Form Assist and Personal Pace Targets, which contextualize instructors’ cues to help Members gauge how hard they should be pushing during each interval.

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