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Obstacles Faced during IOS App Development

Apple’s products are improving each day. iOS has been used across various devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods, over the years. Despite this, Apple continues bringing new capabilities and challenges for developers worldwide with each update. These tips will discuss the challenges iOS developers face when creating iOS apps. However, iOS developers face many challenges when building iOS apps. Below are some challenges for iOS developers:

iOS Developers Face Several Challenges

The iOS developer kit is available to anyone who wants to create an iOS app. Apple constantly updates it. However, iOS developers face particular challenges while building iOS apps.

Approval of the iOS App Store

Over 1.84 million apps were available for download on the iOS App Store in the first quarter of 2022. However, deploying an iOS app on the App store is difficult. You must follow strict guidelines. Even a single rule could result in your application rejection. These guidelines are updated regularly by the tech giant.

Apple’s latest guidelines for content code, metadata, and intellectual property rights must be complied with by iPhone app development companies.


Your team will be concerned about the differences in execution between an Android and iOS app, as you will be investing significant money in development.

Android apps are more complex and require more customization. They can also be challenging to maintain and develop. iOS apps, on the other hand, need fewer resources to create and execute.

The price of an Apple developer account vs. a Google developer account is another cost factor in iOS vs. Android application development. A Google developer account is available for a 25-dollar fee. An Apple developer account costs 99 dollars per annum. In addition, developers cannot use iOS apps on Macs, which adds cost. However, Android apps can be built with any system.

Apple and Google charge 15 percent to businesses for the first one million dollars of their annual business earnings, and this applies to companies that sell digital goods or services.

iOS Application Compatibility

While the iPhone is currently the most widely used Apple product, it’s essential to consider other gadgets and devices when developing iOS mobile apps. Developers should view that users of iPhones might also own iPads. Therefore, the app must be compatible with both.

60% of iPhone users still need to upgrade to the most recent iOS update. Therefore, many iPhone users have different iOS versionsThese issues are a challenge for iOS app developers’ services, as they must ensure compatibility across various screen sizes and OS versions.


You should always check the latest Apple releases to test and create the app using them. You can also check compatibility on an iOS app you already have to ensure that it works well across all Apple devices.

iOS devices Storage and Memory Limits

iOS device developers need help with limited storage and memory. They don’t have a garbage collection feature like Android devices. This function helps identify objects that are no longer being used by the program and discard them so that resources can be reused.

It’s challenging to hire iOS developers or an iphone app development company for your iOS app project because they must balance app performance and memory constraints.

 The developers developed the application for one version of iOS. However, it can also run on different devices. The iOS version supported is determined by their storage and memory limitations. The hardware may render the app inoperable if an app requires more space.

Developers may face challenges while fixing these issues.


To distribute an app in the App Store, one must be at a minimum of 18 years of age. In addition, an annual fee will require to buy a membership. It is a significant hurdle for developers just starting to learn iOS development or someone just trying out an idea. On the other hand, it can be a barrier for young talented developers who need to meet the requirements.

Programming languages

You will need to use different programming languages to build an app for each operating system.

IOS app development is indeed more straightforward than Android apps. 

iOS apps are built using Swift, an Apple coding language. Android apps, on the other hand, are built with Java or Kotlin.

Programmers have three options when it comes to developing apps. First, cross-platform development involves building an app using a framework like Unity, React Native, or Flutter.

Poor Network Conditions

For iOS app development, strong internet connections are crucial. Developers may not find this a problem. Still, it is vital to consider the use cases where the connection could be faster and richer media such as streaming services or video applications from the internet.

Apple has the perfect tool for iOS developers. Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE), provides a Network Link Conditioner tool. This simulates different network conditions including low bandwidth, DNS delays and high latency. It also covers packet loss and high latency. Network Link Conditioner allows you to simulate various conditions.

Beta Testing

Apple has a strategy for beta testing apps. Therefore, it makes available the beta testing framework. Two conditions are required for beta testing to be successful in iOS app development.

Apple’s determination to release beta versions of all versions, and the second is Apple’s preparation for the next version.


You can tackle this problem by testing your app for any version updates and removing the bug if necessary. Your iPhone app must pass all beta testing.


The iOS app will only be a success if it is fully addressed. Many businesses have failed because they could not address these issues and offer nothing new to their customers.While iOS app development can be fun, developers need to work hard to keep up with the latest developments and techniques in order to offer a reliable mobility solution. A mobile app development company with experienced developers will help you to offer a better user interface while building your app and will address all the obstacles mentioned above. Constant improvement experience and testing will help in defeating all forthcoming issues.

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