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Peloton Row – New Rowing Machine

Peloton Row - New Rowing Machine

Peloton is expanding its fitness family with a new rowing machine that combines the experience of Bike, Bike+, and Tread with the low-impact full-body strength and cardio workout of rowing.

It also features personal pace targets and form assist real-time monitoring with an advanced 24-inch HD screen that swivels 45 degrees. It’s a silent machine, too, thanks to electronically-controlled resistance.

It’s silent

The Peloton Row is a great piece of equipment that combines the experience you love on our other connected fitness machines with the immersive experience of a rowing machine. Its slender design and best-in-class 24-inch HD screen swivels 45 degrees to keep you focused during your workout.

It’s also incredibly quiet, thanks to electronically controlled resistance. This is in stark contrast to many rowing machines, which use water tanks or fans and make a lot of noise.

Peloton also has an innovative form assist system that focuses on improving your form. The rower will highlight areas of your body that need attention, and you’ll receive real-time feedback in the app to help you improve. You can also set Personal Pace Targets before every class, which will adjust the difficulty level of your workout based on your ability.

It’s sleek

Peloton Rowing Machine is a sleek and minimal piece of fitness equipment. It’s primarily black with red accents and features Peloton’s logo on the front.

The machine is sturdy and the seat is cushioned to help you release pressure points on your back. It also has a curved handle to encourage proper rowing form.

It’s easy to use, too. The screen shows your pace and total output so you can track your progress. It’s also customizable, so you can set your own target pace and challenge yourself to a higher level of difficulty.

The Form Assist feature helps you learn how to row properly by matching your stroke with a little figure that lights up on the screen. This feature takes a little time to calibrate, but it makes a world of difference once you start using it.

It’s easy to use

Peloton Row has all the best features you could want in a beginner-friendly rowing machine. A simple, intuitive user interface and a series of unique hardware innovations deliver a seamless rowing experience that is as easy as it is effective.

Form Assist: Individually calibrated on-screen feedback highlights areas for improvement in real time so you can strengthen your stroke as you row. Members receive a personalized breakdown of their form and metrics after every workout to help them optimize their stroke.

Personal Pace Targets: Customizable pace targets contextualize instructors’ cues so you can easily follow them during your workout, or change difficulty levels quickly if you need to.

Swivel Screen: 24-inch HD swivel screen pivots 45 degrees to seamlessly move from Peloton Row to floor-based content like bootcamp and strength. Electronically-controlled resistance is frictionless and near-silent, so your workout won’t disrupt the house.

New content and instructors for all levels. Existing instructors Matt Wilpers and Adrian Williams lead Instructed Row classes, along with new class formats like Guided Scenic and Live.

It’s affordable

The Peloton Row is a promising new at-home rowing machine that prioritizes form feedback to help you perfect your technique. Its vertically stowable design and swiveling display also make it practical for apartment dwellers and small spaces.

The Row is a little bit more expensive than other rowers on the market, but it still remains very affordable for an at-home workout machine. It starts at $3,195 and includes delivery and setup.

Its ergonomic seat and handlebars ensure comfort during your workout, while the nearly silent rowing action lets you wake up your neighbors without waking the entire house up. It’s a great option for people who want a low-impact, full-body workout that engages all the major muscle groups.

In addition to the Row’s ergonomic features, it also has a new software feature called “Form Assist.” It uses sensors located in the flywheel, handlebar, and seat to track your body position and movements throughout your workout. When the computer detects any faults with your form, it will highlight them in red on the screen as a cue to correct them.

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