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Pine needle tea – recipe and properties

The autumn and winter period is a periods of notably reduced immunity with pine needle tea. How to cope during this time? What can save us from unwanted diseases? How does pine needle tea work and how to make it – read the following post and learn more.

Pine needle tea – step-by-step recipe

Brewing such tea is not difficult, but before the pine needles brew, you have to wait a while. To make such tea, we do not need many ingredients, because only two, pine needles and water are enough.

Prepare two tablespoons of pine needles and 200 ml of water. Boil the water and pour boiling water over the pine needles. Then cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. After waiting 30 minutes and the pine needles infuse, strain the hands. When the infusion is ready, we can add some honey for taste and health.

Pine needle tea can also be made with milk. In this case, the recipe looks the same, only we replace the water with milk.

Both fresh pine needles and dried pine needles are perfect for tea. Both of these types will retain their properties and support our body in case of illness.

Properties of pine needles

Pine is an excellent medicine appreciated since ancient times. Pine needles contain a lot of excellent properties that support our bodies during various diseases. Pine needles have a lot of vitamin C, essential oils, mineral salts, and much more. They are most often used as medicine, among other things because pine needles are a source of many minerals. Pine needle tea cleanses the mind, after drinking it we feel relaxed and relaxed.

Pine needles are an excellent medicine. Because the content of vitamin C and essential oils in them is quite high, infusions, syrups, or oils help mainly in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, colds, inflammation of the sinuses, and bronchitis. Pine needles also soothe coughs, runny noses,, and sore throats. Such a remedy is used during weak immunity, and the oils contained in tea especially add energy.

In diseases of the upper respiratory tract, an infusion of milk, pine needles,, and additional honey is especially recommended, because in the blink of an eye,, it will support our body in the fight against the disease and will strengthen the body.

Pine needle decoction is great for liver problems, it is much more healthy and, above all, works effectively. If we are considering a decoction and painkillers for the liver, we strongly advise you to reach for a decoction of pine needles. Most importantly, its preparation is very simple and quick.

Currently, more and more people reach for pine needle tea. The vitamin C contained in them is a very strong antioxidant, and pine needles contain up to five times more of it than citrus fruits alone. Vitamin C effectively fights free radicals, which most often contribute to cell aging and accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

Dosage of pine needle tea and contraindications

Can each of us drink pine needle tea? Of course not, the use of pine needle infusions is not for everyone. Pine needle tea should not be drunk by people who are allergic and allergic to pine, pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid drinking it. This infusion is also not suitable for every child under the age of 7, without prior consultation with the doctor, we should not give the child such a medicine.

Pay attention to the dosage of pine needle tea. An adult man can drink such tea several times a day, but the daily dose of five teas from pine shoots should not be exceeded.

How to collect pine needles and where can you buy them?

When should and when should not fresh pine needles be harvested? If we want the treatment with pine shoots to be effective and deal with colds, remember that young pine shoots should be collected.

Such shoots are ready to pick at the end of April when they are young and soft. Of course, pine needles can be collected all year round, but in spring and summer,, they are healthier and more aromatic.

Pine needles can be used not only in tea, but we can also make excellent and aromatic pine oil from them, which we will make in a very simple way. All you need to do is to pour the broken pine needles with olive oil and put them in a darker place for a few weeks. During this time, the oil will acquire a wonderful aroma.

In the case of dried pine needles, things are a bit different. Dried needles can be found in herbal shops, they are sold in both small and large portions, and the prices range from PLN 60 to PLN 100 per kilogram of dried needles.

Home spa with pine needles

Did you know that pine needles can be used in many other ways? For example, we can arrange a spa at home and relax thanks to their properties, preparing a pine bath, which is great for mycosis, and psoriasis, helps with muscle pain, joint pain, and, as in the case of needle infusion, for upper respiratory tract diseases.

How to prepare a pine bath?

You should start with the preparation of the extract, we can prepare it with the help of a pine twig, or rather a few green twigs. We start by crushing them so that later we can pour them with two liters of water. Water with twigs should be boiled and from the moment it begins to boil, boil it for at least 10 minutes.

Then we prepare the bath as usual, and when the tub is already filled with water, we can add to it previously prepared water with twigs. Such a bath is incredibly relaxing, up to 20 minutes we can completely calm down and relax, and in addition gain health!

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