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Purchasing Bitcoin Anonymously With The Safest Methods

A significant component of the crypto movement is online privacy. Although there is a lot more than that in the world of cryptocurrencies, the anonymity of several aspects of the crypto realm is quite appealing in the twenty-first century. People are willing to invest in Bitcoin as well as altcoins. Altcoins are alternatives to Bitcoin. 

It’s comforting to experience that you can restore some level of authority for your credentials in a moment whenever it feels as if you need to give your personal information. Bitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency. Nowadays, people are looking for the safest methods for buying Bitcoin anonymously. Here are some of the methods. 

Purchasing Bitcoin Anonymously With The Safest Approaches


1. Cryptocurrency ATM

You should utilize a cryptocurrency ATM when you intend to buy Bitcoin as discreetly as possible. This approach provides the finest general mix of safety, ease, and secrecy. A cryptocurrency ATM is the best option if you’ve been hesitant to enter the cryptocurrency realm as you did not understand the way to make purchases anonymously. 

Discovering an ATM that accepts Bitcoin is becoming more and more common, so you must have no difficulty locating one in any big city. You can mostly maintain your anonymity while buying bitcoin from an ATM. Nobody is trying to find you there. You must have your Bitcoin ATM card to make this approach successful. 

2. Buying In-Person

Meeting up face-to-face with an individual is another alternative for buying Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency. While purchasing and selling cryptocurrency in person may look like an “old school” method, it has always been a common practice for many years. Additionally, this choice performs rather well in regard to maintaining anonymity.

Theoretically, if you handed someone a case and they transferred you some virtual asset to your crypto wallet, the transaction might be completed without any further details being exchanged. Anonymous Bitcoin purchase with this approach can also be done from social media platforms. Telegram is the best option. 

3. Bitsquare

A P2P exchange for virtual assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum is called Bitsquare. There are no registration or verification requirements, and the exchange is completely decentralized. It employs Tor and does not keep currency or Bitcoins on its servers or in its account in order to be a completely anonymous P2P network. 

Decentralization permeates every phase of this interaction, from order placement to order matching to order execution. Bitsquare is accessible on Windows and other Operating Systems and handles 126 coins now (including Bitcoin), although transaction volumes are modest. When you purchase Bitcoin anonymously, this is a demerit. 

4. Wall Of Coins

One of the finest methods to get Bitcoins anonymously is through the Wall of Coins. In order to purchase something, a purchaser must reach the bank and give cash. A local bank branch-based Bitcoin merchant provides you with their bank account information. Users can then offer cash at the closest branch of the bank.

Virtual assets that were deposited in escrow are given to you after they have confirmed the receipt of cash. The costs are decided by certain merchants. Many people are not aware of this method. So, this method can be rare for people who are just getting started with crypto trading anonymously. 

5. Localcryptos

A user of this P2P marketplace is not required to provide an ID in order to conduct business there. In around 15,000 places worldwide, Localcryptos has actual buyers and vendors. You may do a deal either offline or online after meeting sellers there. Cash payments, wire transfers, PayPal, direct bank deposits, and PayPal are all acceptable methods of payment.

Because the exchange has no custody, you have control over your money, and platforms act as escrow managers. The predetermined charges are 0.25 percent and 0.75 percent for the market maker and purchaser respectively. Localcryptos are facing AML and KYC issues. You must be aware of that while trading. 

Bitcoin is never private since users must share their key pairs to transfer and receive funds. Public keys are regarded as anonymized identifiers that are permanently preserved on the blockchain. Browsing through writers that use pen names will help you to comprehend this transaction approach in the simplest manner possible.


These are the top methods for purchasing Bitcoin anonymously. Employing your card to purchase any cryptocurrency is quite similar to employing any other form of payment. They are both entirely reliable. However, only ever purchase it from reliable sources. The cryptocurrency industry is home to several bogus websites.

Those who know how to buy Bitcoin anonymously will look for one of these methods. The two exchanges that are helping traders are Localcryptos and Bitsquare. However, they do not have enough volumes. Some anonymous approaches can be full of scams. Eventually, you must be careful. 

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