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QuickBooks Error 31059: A Guide you should read

QuickBooks Error 30159 usually occurs when you are updating payroll. An error message appears on your desktop and reads, “Can’t Verify Payroll Subscription Error 31059”. The reason for this error occurs is because Intuit is unable to verify logins of users. It is also possible to encounter this error if the Payroll subscription you have is not active or expired. This article outlines the full steps to do to fix this issue effectively. In addition, you will find the entire list of reasons which can cause this error. In the simplest terms, you should take the time to read this article thoroughly.

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Reasons For Error Message 30159

It is more likely that you will encounter this error after your payroll subscription is overdue. However, there are several other reasons for this error you must be aware of. A few of the causes are listed below:

  • The User Payroll subscription is not active or is expired.
  • The damage to the paysub.ini file in QuickBooks.
  • You’re using an obsolete version of QuickBooks.
  • Windows or QuickBooks is infected by malware or viruses.
  • Based on the explanations After examining the reasons, proceed to the next section, which will discuss how to solve QuickBooks Error 30159 effectively.

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Solutions For QuickBooks Update Error 30159

In order to fix the error 30159 you may try a variety of options. But, it is important to only take steps that solve the cause of the error as quickly as possible. In this way, you will are able to avoid problems that could be caused by unintentional actions or steps. Then, you stick to the resolution of your mistake. Then, you take a look at the strategies we have discussed.

Solution 1: Repair Paysub.ini

Repair your paysub.ini file to correct this issue efficiently. Follow the steps in the following steps:

  • To fix this file efficiently then, you have to rename it. Paysub.ini is an obscure file in Windows.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to alter the settings in the Windows option for the folder.
  • Now, you can open My Computer.
  • Click on Organize.
  • Then, click the Folder and Search option. Select to open the view tab.
  • After that, select Hidden Files And Folders. Then, click on Show Hidden Folders and Files as well as Drivers option.
  • Click on Apply then click OK.
  • Return in My Computer, and from the search bar, you will be able to look up Paysub.ini.
  • When you locate Paysub.ini Right-click it and change its name.
  • Select Rename and then rename the extension of the file in the format of .ini into .old.
  • It is now possible to repeat the exact procedure for all Paysub documents.
  • If these methods don’t help or solve your problem Try the troubleshooting steps outlined below.

Solution 2: Check The Condition Of Your Payroll Subscription

You can verify whether your subscription to payroll is active to correct this issue effectively. Follow the steps below:

  • Access QuickBooks Desktop application. In the top menu there is a choice to choose My Payroll
  • Services in the tab for employees. Then, click the Account And Information. Info.
  • Now, you can input or type in the login details. Once you have completed this step Click on Sign In.
  • When you click confirmation page page, you will need to choose the method that you would like to confirm your identity. Be aware of this process and only choose the methods that you’re confident in and feel comfortable with.
  • If you’ve picked the phone option, you’ll receive confirmation codes on your number. If you’ve selected an alternative method, such as email, you’ll receive confirmation codes on your email. After you’ve received an email with the code to confirm, continue by clicking Continue.
  • When you enter your confirmation number you’ll be able to input the confirmation code, which should comprise six digits. Enter the 6-digit verification code then click Continue.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you’re able to try updating the tax tables for payroll another time. Then, see whether the error is still there.
  • Try the next step in the event that these steps have not worked to correct your error.

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Solution 3: Scan The System

It is possible to check the system to determine if the procedures have not worked for you. Review the steps which are listed below:

  • If all of the above methods have not worked, you may test installing antivirus software by downloading it on the internet.
  • After installation, you are able to run a scan of your computer using an antivirus software. This step is essential because sometimes the error could be caused by the presence of a Windows virus.


Try to fix QuickBooks Error 30159 as quickly as you can. By following the steps in this article, it should not be a difficult task. You must follow the steps in this article with care. Additionally, you should read the reasons carefully, so that you can formulate an effective strategy for resolving errors.

If you need additional assistance beyond what you have been told or requested, reach out to the experts at QuickBooks by calling 1-888-704-1357.

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