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Social media – what is it?


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What is social marketing? In other words, SMM marketing initiatives, the goal of which is to increase web traffic through the use of platforms like Facebook and YouTube. With the help of social media, you may effectively market to a sizable audience. Additionally, they may significantly influence how consumers form impressions about a company, a product, or a brand.

List of contents
What is SMM, or social media marketing?
2 Social marketing as a tool for business growth
What objectives may social marketing help you achieve?
4 Strategic initiatives of the business made possible by social media marketing
5 What is the price of social media marketing?

What is social media marketing – SMM?

In general, social media refers to websites and applications for mobile devices that allow the creation and sharing of content between users of the website or application. The interaction that takes place between users is, as a rule, unlimited and takes place in real time. It is also very important to choose the right social networking sites. The best choice is the one where most people will be interested in certain products or services.

Social marketing – application in business development

Today, most companies create their sites, and communities on many popular social networks, through which they interact with their target audience. At the same time, although the Internet is an integral part of business, not all companies effectively use Internet marketing tools and social networking sites. It’s not for nothing that they say that when a company doesn’t have social marketing, it doesn’t exist. Until recently, this theory applied only to individuals. But now it can also be applied to entrepreneurs. Social media marketing builds relationships with customers.

Social marketing is a powerful way to increase brand awareness, build a loyal following, attract new customers and increase sales through social media. Customers are already spending a lot of time interacting with different brands through social media. And if a given company still does not communicate with its recipients via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or YouTube, sooner or later it may lose the loyalty of its recipients, and at the same time lose to the competition.

What goals can be achieved with social marketing?

In addition to the free publication of posts (texts, videos, images, and other types of content) that stimulate audience engagement, SMM also includes promotion through paid advertising on social networks.

Social media marketing helps you achieve many goals:

  • Attracting traffic to the site
  • Increase in sales
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Brand image creation
  • Improving the quality of communication and interaction with the target audience.

The larger your social media audience, the easier it will be to fill your sales funnel with inbound traffic and drive more sales. You can use social media to promote your content, as an ideal channel to advertise the best content from your website or blog. Once you build a loyal audience, you can be sure that your readers will find freshly published content right away.

In addition, engaging blog content will help you gain a lot more followers. Content marketing and SMM complement each other perfectly in terms of effectiveness. In addition, content marketing uses content transformation. This approach allows you to increase the reach of the target group and make the most of one piece of content.

The company’s strategic activities thanks to social marketing – SMM

Brand awareness is an important strategic goal of the company. And here social networks have a big advantage over the media, radio,, and television. Firstly, it is the low cost of one contact: one client can be attracted cheaper than in any other way, to gather your group, create an event or highlight an event, you do not need to invest huge funds. And secondly, everything is limited by the time spent on posting information and providing it to potential consumers of services or goods.

By actively promoting profiles on social media, it is easier to find new customers and encourage them to advertise your product or service. Social media will be used to redirect users to the company website, product, or blog pages. It is also an ideal place to communicate with a predetermined group of customers, and build relationships between the brand and the consumer.

How much does social marketing cost?

It depends on several factors: the budget you can allocate to your social media campaign

  • What effects are expected, for example, an increase in home page traffic or profile recognition?
  • What stage of development is the company at? Social marketing is one of the possibilities for promotion on the Internet.
  • The speed of dissemination of information
  • Ability to build relationships with customers.

Be careful about sharing links to other people’s content. Even though SMM involves the use and promotion of its unique content, links to external resources can be very useful. If you can be sure that the external source offers readers useful and valuable information that they will definitely like. Linking to external sources increases the level of trust and reliability. Plus you can also get links to your profile or website.

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