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Solar Energy and the Devices that Work on it at Home


Interest in alternative energy has become a global issue in recent times to maintain environmental balance and reduce global warming as much as possible. Therefore, we find that many countries have begun implementing a package of projects related to alternative energy, specifically solar energy.which is considered an alternative energy source, and it is a sustainable energy used to operate devices and meet the needs of individuals

As environmental concerns continue to grow, the resort to installing solar panels on rooftops to generate electricity has increased. In our article for today, we will introduce you to solar energy and its benefits, as well as home appliances powered by solar energy and other details.


Solar energy is the energy resulting from converting sunlight into electricity through the use of cells that absorb radiation, and it is one of the renewable  Solar energy in Pakistan  sources that are employed in many areas of life.

Solar energy in Pakistan

Every spot on the surface of the earth receives solar radiation throughout the year, and certainly this amount ranges From one region to another, when these rays are emitted from the sun, solar energy technologies capture them and convert them into useful forms of energy.


The Pakistan  has been keen to pay as much attention as possible to the types of renewable energy in the Pakistan. and this was reflected through the development of a group of solar energy projects in the Pakistan and the construction of special stations for that, especially since the weather and climate in the Pakistan are sunny most of the time of the year.

The PAKISTAN continues, as we have been accustomed to, to break records and occupy the top spot in all fields. as the largest energy production plant in the world has been established  located in the capital, Islamabad. The station aims to:

  • Connecting electricity to approximately 1600,000 homes in the PAKISTAN
  • Reducing carbon emissions in the country
  • Increasing the production capacity of solar energy in Islamabad to reach about 3.2 gigawatts

There is a group of solar power plants in the PAKISTAN, including:

  • Shams 1 station in Islamabad
  • Concentrated Solar Power Project “CSP”


In order to be able to use solar energy at home, you must install energy devices. as there are several types of energy devices, each with special specifications, and these types are:


The monocrystalline panels are distinguished from others by the purity of the silicon crystals through which the panels cells are made. as the solar cells in them consist of silicon alloys that are cut in the form of slices, and thus the cells give high efficiency. which reduces the number of panels that you will need to obtain the same amount of electricity From other types, in addition to its high efficiency in dim light and its long life span.


Polycrystalline solar panels differ from the monocrystalline type in shape, as the cells in them consist of closely spaced squares. As for the efficiency of this type of panels. they operate with medium energy, which requires a larger number of panels to obtain electricity. As for their price, they are less expensive than mono panels and have a long life span.


What distinguishes the thin panels from others is the flexibility and ease of installation. in addition to the thinness, flow and consistency of the panels to appear beautifully. This type of panels is not affected by climate changes, and its price is suitable compared to other types.

Among the disadvantages of this type:

  • Poor efficiency compared to other types
  • It requires more cells to be used to get the same amount of energy than other types
  • Its lifespan is short


You may be wondering , Solar companies in Pakistan  are there  devices that run on energy at home? Certainly, there are several home appliances that are powered by solar energy, including major devices that cannot be dispensed with in our daily lives.

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