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The Ultimate Guide to Team Building and Public Speaking

Introduction to team building activities

You must have heard this phrase ‘’Unity is strength’’. Do you know? What does it mean? In a simple way, it can be said that, If you have a group of people with the same objective and they work together to obtain it then you can achieve your objective immediately and efficiently.

An efficient team can be an asset for the company which can help in finishing tasks and achieving business targets. Teamwork increases productivity and promotes business results. They can identify their contribution and observe the level of authority of a company’s success.

Popular team building activities in Dubai

  • Charity team-building activities
  • Virtual team challenges
  • In-person team-building activities
  • Virtual team-building templates
  • Budget-friendly team-building option

Features of a good team

  • Understandable leadership- Every team needs effective leadership to achieve its goals. This helps to merge the entire team to work for the same goal. Effective leaders provide guidance, motivation, and focus and offer encouragement when the team is facing a challenge. A team might decide to share its leadership periodically. It can offer a sense of common responsibility and accountability, hopefully improving a team’s performance.
  • Defined goals-Suppose if the team doesn’t have any goal then team members do have not any idea about what the plan is. What to do? and why? Therefore, before working on a task, it is important to know about the goal of a company. When a team finds the goal, they are able to make plans for how to achieve these goals, assigning roles and making schedules.
  • Open communication- A successful team allows members to share their knowledge, experiment with new ideas, and feel that their input matters. New and different thoughts and opinions help the team to solve issues and complete tasks in creative ways.
  • Trust- It is essential for building an effective team to have trust among members to complete their goals. Trust contributes to clear communication, query-solving, and cooperation.
  • Assigned roles- A team can have many various roles if its goal is to launch a marketing campaign, in comparison to the goal of developing a new product.

How to build a good team

  • Get knowledge about employees- To know how to build an efficient team, leaders need to consider who is working for them. Team leaders can spend time with their employees to find their strengths, weakness, and overall personalities. It will help them to install the types of teams everyone is able to work in.
  • Ensure that employees know about each other- Employees have to also get to know about each other through a company retreat, community service project, or work lunch and learn. Team building activities can also help to know the types of personalities that work well together.
  • Share a common culture of teamwork- Successful teams usually share a common culture of a company or group.
  • Train employees on teamwork qualities- Everyone is not desirous of everything so leaders can offer a chance for workers to improve their skill sets.
  • Fix smart goals- If the team has goals and objectives set before starting the work then the team can focus better on their work. By using specific, measurable, applicable, achievable, and time-based objectives teams can set smart goals.

Overview of Public speaking courses

Public speaking is not an easy task. But, if you get a public speaking course and training, it will be easier and more comfortable to connect with people and perform any presentation. It improves the level of confidence and helps to defeat anxiety and nervousness.

Public speaking ability is an essential point to success in any business. Public

Speaking courses in Dubai are designed to help professionals master theory and techniques to change themselves into confident and efficient professionals who can deliver effective and memorable speeches.  After getting training in public speaking, professionals can create the necessary skills including leadership skills, thinking abilities, creativity, and professionalism which are valuable in almost every industry.

The Public speaking courses help to:

  • Enhancing confidence to speak in a group
  • Make social networking through speaking
  • Give a personal satisfaction
  • Improve communication skill
  • Have no hesitation or nervousness to speak
  • The way to deliver the speech
  • How to control emotions and thoughts

Benefits of taking public speaking certification in Dubai

  • Improving the opportunity of getting hired
  • Build confidence
  • Create leadership skill
  • Helping to reduce the hesitation of public speaking
  • Improvement in composition skill
  • Develop your research skill


Team building activities in Dubai are designed to motivate team members to work together, develop their strengths, and respect one another. Public speaking is a very useful ability. Taking up public speaking courses can improve your communication skills, help to build your confidence, and decrease the level of fear of speaking. This course also offers a career entry as a motivational speaker.

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