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Trends of 2023. Fashion, beauty and interior design.

Fashion interior design

You don’t have to go see a seer or read the tea leaves. To know the future of fashion, beauty, and interior design, all you have to do is reach out to the reports of social apps and popular online platforms. Below we present the most interesting predictions of what awaits us this year.

Social media and online platforms collect gargantuan amounts of data about us. They know what we like, what we are interested in, and what we are looking for. The best of them each year prepare reports in which they predict what will be fashionable in the coming months.


Permanent make-up

The make-up trend that is to dominate in 2023 is long-wear cosmetics, i.e. those that stay on the skin for up to several hours.


Produced without the use of water

As consumer awareness is growing, companies are looking for innovative, ecological product solutions. Anhydrous cosmetics are such a proposal, often in the formula of e.g. shampoo or bar soap.


Short is beautiful

Pinterest, i.e. a social application that is primarily used to search for fashion and lifestyle inspirations, based on the growing number of searches for specific terms or phrases, can indicate not only what is currently popular, but also what will become a trend. From the global data collected between September 2020 and September 2022, Pinterest has created a list of issues that will determine fashion trends (and not only!). Based on past analyses, the platform rates its effectiveness in “seeing the future” at an impressive 80%. Recently, a very popular search term on the Pinterest app, recording a 550% increase, has become a short bob. Micro bangs are another trend this year. More and more of us will also opt for a very short manicure.


Ephemeral ballerina

According to Pinterest, this year we can expect to redefine dress codes. Transparencies in the form of tulle or lace covered with glitter have been observed at Polish and foreign industry events since the end of last year. The phrase “shiny dress” saw a 365% increase in interest. We were 225% more likely to search for a lace top. Men’s ruffled shirts were searched nearly 100% more often. Transparent pants, which we could observe many times at Polish and foreign industry events at the end of 2022, increased their popularity by 70%. Tulle sleeves – by 65%.


Circular fashion

It seems that the fashion for second-hand clothes not only does not pass but is becoming more and more popular. In 2023, we should see a boom in pop-up stores with circular fashion.


Free spirit

Fringes are an attribute of the descendants of the children of flowers. In 2023, we will be happy to wear fringe clothes, even for our wedding! In search of inspiration, searches for “fringe dress” increased by 255%. We searched for “styles with a fringed skirt” 155% more than before, and “fringed jackets” 60% more.


Honey and indigo fashion

According to the predictions of the leading sales platform promoting handicrafts, in 2023 our houses and apartments will be filled with two colors – indigo, coming directly from Yves Klein’s paintings, and a joyful honey color that will perfectly complement indigo.


Cozy house

Echoes of the pandemic will still be present in interior design. Some of us still work remotely or in a hybrid way, spending most of our time at home, which is why the apartment should be cozy and encourage the household members to rest. Cozy room decor saw a 96% year-over-year increase. Knitted blankets, cylindrical candles, as well as round decorations with a pleasant to-the-touch texture are very popular.


Flowers, ferns, and leaves

The phrase “dark floral wallpaper” gets 126% more attention. This, in turn, can only mean one thing – the interiors of our apartments this year will be filled with majestic compositions of flowers and leaves placed on a dark, moody background.



The colors of the earth, landscapes inspired by the desert, and rough ceramics as if made of sand are other strong trend this year.

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