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What are the most popular social media?

Popular Social media

How to wisely plan the promotion of your event and company on social media? Which available tools are worth using? The first part of the guide is by Dagmara Plata-Alf, an expert in the field of social media.

Presence in social media seems to be a matter of course in every industry. However, the enormity of work and commitment associated with carrying out related activities often raise more questions than answers. What are the trends related to the development of social media?

 Which media are gaining in importance and growing, and which are declining in popularity? Where should we prioritize our activities? Which media should you think about when planning your company’s campaign?

 Is Instagram a good place to invest if it has more and more users? Or maybe we should consider Twitter or prepare for the growing popularity of the WhatsApp application.

Make sure which media are worth investing your time and money in and plan the calendar of promotional activities in the field of event activity accordingly! Dagmara Plata-Alf – the owner of the marketing and consulting agency Hotel Media Group and a lecturer at the Department of Marketing at Kozminski University in Warsaw.

What media should be used and why? 

That is, the so-called 7 most important players on the social media market


It is No. 1 in our planned marketing communication. Even though the media, which are becoming more and more popular and intended to dethrone the king, has been repeatedly pointed out, it is still the king that gathers 2.17 billion active users, crushing his rivals to the bone. Considering the growing popularity of communication via Facebook Messenger (1.2 billion) and the use of chatbots in corporate communication, it will be a medium that we will not be able to pass by indifferently for a long time.


The popularity of Instagram as a social media owned by Facebook has grown exponentially in recent years. Instagram is growing from month to month and currently has 800 million users.


Certainly, YouTube is a demanding medium that often gives marketers sleepless nights when planning campaigns and building engagement. The progressive development of the video format does not allow us to forget about this medium, especially since it is used by 1.5 billion active users.  


WhatsApp is taking advantage of its opportunity, as evidenced by the fact that it is used by the same number of users as in the case of Messenger, i.e. 1.3 billion. Its unflagging popularity “over the ocean” and the continuous expansion of functions and capabilities will make it increasingly difficult for us to ignore it when planning activities.  


Once number 1 in communication potential and trends, today it has lost its popularity. Still, however, we cannot omit it when planning our direct marketing activities. The number of 330 million users worldwide is a huge potential.  


LinkedIn, a medium aimed at the business world, with 260 million users, is an ideal place for virtual meetings, and connecting with colleagues, clients, as well as potential recruits. We certainly should not forget about it, especially when our offer is addressed to a business client.  


Snapchat based its communication on a simple scheme: take a photo or video, add a filter, and then share it with your friends. A social medium with great potential, which was far ahead of Instagram (it is used by 255 million users).  

In a month another entry will be published with a detailed description of the possibilities offered by the biggest player among social media platforms

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