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What is the best hoverboard for a children?

Have you added mobility to your life with the help of a gyroboard? It’s time to put on wheels and your favorite children. Know that you can buy a hoverboards for kids in a wide variety of form factors and colors. Plus, the device can play music from a smartphone (wireless connection is used), arrange a colorful, and most importantly, customizable light show. After all, your child loves to stand out among his peers, attracting everyone’s attention and new friends.

what about the safety of riding a kids hoverboard?

For the youngest, there are models with 4.5˝ wheels. Such devices are only suitable for indoor trips or for driving around a shopping center, that is, the surface must be perfectly flat. On a positive note, this device has a standard speed limit of 5 km/h. And the platform itself can recognize a child weighing 10-15 kg. By the way, the network already has a video where young creatures ride a kids hoverboard.

Facts about kids hoverboard

Why does it have so many names? How does a hoverboard move? Why the hoverboard is not in demand and unloved in the UK. Not every owner of a segways for Kids uk knows the answers to these questions. So, in order.

  • In different countries it is called differently. Gyroscooter, kids segways UK, hoverboard, smart scooter – this is not a complete list of names for the same product. So many names because of the copyright of the manufacturers of this technique. English-speaking users call it even simpler – “hoverboard”, on which the hero of the movie “Back to the Future” dissected. In our area, hoverboards are also known as kids segways . True, this baby is connected with the Segway company only by the general principle of operation, based on gyroscopes.
  • Speed ​​depends on power. In addition to the gyro sensors, your gyro has two built-in motors with a power of 350 watts each. They are responsible for the speed of movement and acceleration time. The fastest you can drive is 20 km per hour.
  • Protection against water and dust. Many kids hoverboard owners know not to ride in the rain. And this does not mean that this miracle of technology is defenseless against the water element. In fact, the hoverboard has protection against dirt and dust according to the IP54 standard.
  • Low-quality models are found even in the UK. Not so long ago, more than 500,000 kids hoverboards were recalled from the UK  market due to overheating and spontaneous combustion of batteries. At the moment, 99 such incidents have been recorded, as a result of which 18 people received burns of the limbs.

What to choose a bicycle or a kids hoverboard?

In the recent past, cycling was a favorite form of active leisure, it was this transport that was considered the best for walking. Now it is rapidly being replaced by a mobile miniature novelty – a hoverboard. In fact, they have little in common, by and large, only one feature – you can take walks on both. There are many more differences. Before ordering an electric vehicle, read reviews about kids hoverboard.

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