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What is the purpose of wheat germ oil Vegetable?


Wheat germ oil is a vegetable oil that is rarely used, mainly due to the underestimation of wheat itself as a grain. However, it is worth mentioning some of its properties and applications.

Wheat germ oil was appreciated today for the first time in the 1960s. It was then noticed that it helps in the regeneration of the body after intense exercise, and therefore it was administered to athletes. However, wheat germ oil itself was already known and used in antiquity – not only for health purposes but also during various types of religious ceremonies.

Wheat germ oil – production

Wheat germ oil is one of the rarest and most expensive vegetable oils because it takes up to 1.5 tons of wheat to prepare a liter of such oil. It is produced from the germ of wheat grains, which is now widely cultivated around the world. The germ, on the other hand, is a small part of the whole grain, because it is only 3 percent. its volume.

Wheat germ oil has an intense orange color and a characteristic wheat smell. Its most important characteristic is the impossibility of using it in heat treatment. Wheat germ oil has a very low smoke point and quickly loses its health properties. It should also be stored for a short time and it is best to buy it each time for a specific occasion. Currently, it is most often found in the form of cold-pressed unrefined wheat germ oil and this form is the healthiest of all.

Where to buy wheat germ oil? It is best to use an online store that has the appropriate certificates and will ensure that the oil we buy is natural and healthy. We can also go to one of the many intimate herbal shops, which have recently become more and more popular with customers.

Properties of wheat germ oil

There are many health benefits of wheat germ oil. It is characterized primarily by a high content of unsaturated fatty acids that are healthy for our body and prevent, among others, cardiovascular diseases, and heart diseases.

Among them, we distinguish, among others, linolenic, palmitic, and stearic acids. Wheat germ oil also contains a lot of B vitamins, which strengthen, among others, the nervous system and affect focus. It is especially recommended to take care of supplementing these vitamins during periods of increased stress and fatigue due to school or work obligations.

Wheat germ oil also contains the highest concentration of vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth, among all vegetable oils. It has a huge share in the proper functioning of the human body, especially when it comes to fertility and the ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy. In addition, wheat germ oil also contains numerous minerals, such as calcium and iron, vitamins A and D, phospholipids, and fiber necessary in the metabolic process.

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The use of wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil has many uses. It can be used, among other things, in care. Wheat germ oil is perfect as a hair conditioner. We recommend it primarily to smooth the hair and rebuild the hair structure, especially when they are damaged after dyeing or weakened in the autumn and winter. Thanks to wheat germ oil, hair will be healthy and shiny, and the scalp will be regenerated. The oil will also stimulate circulation.

Wheat germ oil can also be used on the skin as a substitute for body lotions bought in stores. It will make the skin moisturized. It will work even in the case of chapped lips, dry cuticles around the nails, stretch marks, and protection against the harmful effects of sunlight.

Wheat germ oil is also used as a healthy dietary supplement. It is used primarily in the prevention of heart disease and problems with the circulatory system, due to the healthy fats it contains.

It lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and reduces its absorption from food. Wheat germ oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight and soothe ailments related to the digestive system, especially the stomach, and intestines.

Due to all its health-promoting properties, it is recommended to use wheat germ oil also during a cosmetic and therapeutic massage. As a moisturizing agent during a massage, it has a relaxing and regenerating effect on the skin of the whole body. For health purposes, drinking wheat germ oil is best used in the amount of two tablespoons a day. Then we will certainly feel positive changes in our well-being and everyday functioning of the body.

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