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What Kind of Parrot Can Talk?

When it comes to parrots, everyone may involuntarily think that parrots are very beautiful and can learn to speak like humans Beehive Toys Discount Code NHS.

There are many varieties of this most lovable bird, but not all parrots can imitate human speech, some parrots can only learn skills, and are not suitable for imitating human speech.

The following editor daya aaabbb will discuss with you, what are some See a beautiful parrot that can talk. 


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Big Cockatoo

The scarlet-breasted parrot is a medium-sized bird belonging to the Asian family of birds that can fly in a straight line.

Its voice is loud and rough, and it can imitate human speech after training. If it is usually fed, it can be fed with nuts, grains, seeds, etc.

Gray parrot

Gray parrots, also known as African gray parrots, are mainly distributed in Africa as the name suggests. Belongs to large parrots, likes to climb, and is not good at flying.

Because gray parrots can be trained to communicate verbally with humans, this makes them one of the most popular pet birds. Usually if feeding, all kinds of seeds, nuts, fruits, nectar, berries, etc.

Amazon parrots

Amazon parrots are very handsome in appearance. At the same time, there are different breeds, but the breed that can be kept as a pet is the breed with green feathers and brown beak.

Mainly distributed in Central America, South America, and the Amazon in Mexico. Offer them fresh fruit, shelled seeds, sunflowers, and greens if fed Fire Star Toys Discount Code.

Sunflower parrots

The feathers of sunflower parrots are mainly white, so they are named sunflower parrots because their phoenix crowns are sunflower-shaped.

There are also several varieties of sunflower cockatoos, including small sunflower cockatoos, salmon-colored sunflower cockatoos, big white sunflower cockatoos and so on. Mainly distributed in Australia.

Its personality is cute and smart, and it will have feelings after getting along with humans for a long time. If it is fed, it is also grain. Mainly fresh fruit.


The macaw is distributed in the tropical regions of America. Its body feathers are very colorful and beautiful. It is one of the largest parrots.

And there are many varieties, with a total of 17 varieties in 6 genera. Among them, macaws have another characteristic.

That is, their tails are very long (you can see their long tails when you see red parrots when you go to the zoo.), and their original place is the tropical rainforest. Optional fruits and flowers if fed

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Can cockatiels talk

Cockatiels can talk, especially male cockatiels have a stronger ability to master vocabulary


  1. It is very rare for a cockatiel to talk, especially a female cockatiel.
  2. If you want a cockatiel to talk, you need to start training the cockatiel in its infancy.
  3. Only in this way will it be possible to speak up.
  4. But cockatiels are only capable of learning less simple languages.

Can budgerigars talk

The speaking ability of budgerigars cannot be compared with that of large parrots. We know that parrots can imitate human speech because they have a special pronunciation organ “syrinx”


  1. Budgies can talk after professional training.
  2. The best time for budgerigar training is when it is two months old, during this period we can talk to budgerigar every day.
  3. It should be noted that it is best to teach only one sentence at a time, and the words should not be too long.
  4. Do not teach it to several people in turn, and the budgerigar will be able to speak slowly if you persevere.

How to draw a talking parrot with simple strokes

  • the paper
  • Pen


  1. First, we draw the head of the parrot, which has a large and pointed beak Beehive Toys Discount Code NHS.
  2. Then draw the body of the parrot, draw the wings on one side, and draw the claws under the body, with big eyes.
  3. Draw branches under the body of the parrot, and draw leaves on the branches.
  4. Let’s start coloring. Let’s paint the parrot’s beak yellow and red body.
  5. Continue to paint the parrot’s wings with yellow and blue, the branches with brown, and the leaves with green, and the beautiful parrot sketch is complete

Unlocking the Mystery of Pet Parrots Talking

Why parrots can talk, in fact, the secret lies in its special physiological structure: syrinx and tongue. Although they can speak, parrot vocalizers are different from human vocal cords Beehive Toys Discount Code NHS.

Which is located at the junction of the trachea and bronchi and then adjacent to the left and right. Three pairs of deformed bronchi form together.

Ordinary birds can make sounds of different frequencies and high and low, because when the airflow enters the syrinx, it makes different sounds with the vibration of the syrinx wall.

In addition to the most basic bird characteristics, the vocal organs of parrots are more complete than ordinary birds.

In the syrinx of parrots, there are four or five pairs of special muscles that regulate the diameter, sound rate, and tension of the syrinx—the syrinx.

Under the control of the nervous system, the contraction or relaxation of the narcotic muscle produces the song Pound Toy Discount Code NHS.

In terms of the structure of the entire syrinx, the syrinx is also very similar to the human vocal cord structure, except that the human vocal cord is 20 cm from the throat to the tongue end, forming a right angle.

While the parrot’s syrinx is 15 cm from the tongue end, forming an approximate The obtuse angle of a right angle. And this angle is the key to determine the syllable and intonation of the pronunciation.

The closer to the right angle, the stronger the sense of syllable and intonation of the pronunciation. That’s why parrots can make cadenced sounds and syllables like humans.

Besides the tongue, the parrot’s tongue is very developed. Smooth, thick and soft, and its shape is very similar to that of a human tongue.

It is precisely because of such standard vocalization conditions that parrots can make some simple but accurate and clear syllables.

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