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Writing a Research Paper – A Beginner’s Guide

Research Paper – A Beginner’s Guide

Assignments are not meant to trouble you. They are assessing tools used by your evaluators to see your development. Development is not just in terms of a particular subject but also enlists the development of certain skills – skills that will stay with you forever.

For example, consider the example of an assignment writer. This academic writing provides a scope to you of going through the subject, paying equal emphasis on every minute detail. Besides, working on a research paper helps you brush up on your research and interpretation skills and teaches you the correct way to present an argument. So when there is so much to gain, then why not take up research paper writing a little more sportingly?

I know most students get anxious when they hear about writing a research paper. Let me simplify it for you. Research writing is quite similar to essays, only the former is lengthier, more detailed, and does not assess only your creative writing style but your scholarly research skills.

If you are too confused, stop wandering and follow the simple step-by-step guide in this blog’s following section. I have tried my best to simplify every step so that it becomes easier for you to follow. Keep reading and keep learning.

Step-By-Step Guide for Writing a Well-Researched Paper

  • Choose a topic –

Choosing the perfect topic for the research paper has never been easy for students. Many factors are responsible for this. But no matter how confusing it is, you have to make a final call regarding the same. So, if needed, you can try out all the tricks of finding the perfect topic. Try brainstorming or free writing, whichever suits you. You can also have a discussion with someone like your professor or some seniors, who can guide you about the relevance, refer you to trustworthy sources and help you finalize the topic.

Besides doing all these, I would suggest trying out some reading. Read more and more about the topic. Go to c programming assignment help, and visit libraries for journals and books. This will help you come up with fresh ideas and also help you significantly while you are writing the paper.

  • Understand the topic  –

First, you have to make sure you know what is asked and what is expected. The topic you are researching must be crystal clear to you so you can understand which information to connect and how to present it in your paper.

So, at first, you will have to focus on that. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Your teachers will be more than happy to guide you.

  • Begin with preliminary research –

Before you start working on drafting the research paper, there is something you should do – preliminary research. Try to identify an angle about the topic that you may center your work around while taking note of any conversations that seem crucial to the subject. To make sure you don’t overlook something obvious, consult a range of sources, including journals, books, and trustworthy websites. There is a high chance that you could find it useful to create some research questions to serve as a guide for further work on the topic.

  • Frame a thesis statement –

The aim and stance of your work are established by the thesis statement, which summarises your main argument. The thesis statement should respond to the research question you used as a starting point. It should also outline the arguments and supporting data you’ll utilize to back up your position. It should be a sentence or two that succinctly sums up your position.

The thesis statement will likely be revised and improved as you conduct more research, but it can act as a guide during the writing process.

  • Create a research paper outline –

An outline will serve the purpose of a blueprint. You will make a list of every point that you plan to include in the research paper. This will give you an idea of what the paper will more or less look like. That means you will have a chance of modification if required.

It is worthwhile to set aside some time to write a structured outline because it can greatly improve the effectiveness of the writing process.

  • Frame the first draft –

The first drafts are never perfect. But yet it is important to prepare one. The introduction does not need to be written first. Some people prefer to finish the hardest parts first, while others prefer to start with the simplest. Use the outline you made as a road map while working.

Make sure to get this draft checked by someone, preferably your professor. Undoubtedly they will suggest changes. Note them and make sure to edit them accordingly.

  • Frame the final arguments and revise –

As per the changes advised to you, make the amendments, not necessarily the final draft, always comes after the first draft. There can be a second a third draft as well. No matter how many drafts are there in between, the final draft has to be perfect.

Once you are confident about the accuracy of the final draft, revise, proofread and complete the citation portions and submit.

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Wrapping it up –

Writing a research paper won’t be very difficult only if you know the right method of doing it. Initially, it will require a lot of focus and time investment on your part. You have to read journals and research papers to understand the flow of information, work on finding a reliable source of information, etc. If you think you will do it overnight, nothing can stop you from losing marks. It is better if you invest the right amount of time and energy from the beginning to avoid any confusion later.

About the author –

Tom Heavens is a senior professor from a reputed university. He is associated with Tophomeworkhelper.com to provide assignment writing guidance to students. Many years of experience have made him an expert in various academic writings. Now he wants to share his knowledge with the upcoming generations.


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